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Join Aptos, a mission-driven blockchain fostering equitable access to decentralized assets. Seeking a grant strategist with experience & passion for philanthropy.

Aptos Blockchain: Fostering Universal Access to Decentralization

Aptos is a blockchain platform committed to providing billions of people with fair and secure access to decentralized financial assets. Its inception comes from the original architects behind the Diem blockchain. By harnessing the open-source Diem technology, Aptos aims to lay the groundwork for a safer and more scalable web3 environment, granting equitable growth opportunities and financial inclusivity.

Manifesting 'The People' Ethos

The name Aptos, meaning 'The People' in the Ohlone language, encapsulates the company's foundational mission and values. It serves as a daily reminder of who they are building this technology for – the people.

Grant Strategies and Operations

Aptos is looking for individuals to aid in their grant-making strategies. These individuals will ensure these strategies are consistently aligned with the company's objectives, design clear and fair grant processes, efficiently manage grant allocation, and work on strategic philanthropic planning. Their roles are pivotal for the seamless operations and strategic growth of the grants division.

Professional Qualifications

Candidates are expected to have over three years’ experience with nonprofit organizations, preferably with grant-making exposure. Familiarity with blockchain technology is beneficial. Strong organizational skills coupled with the ability to multitask and prioritize are critical. Applicants should have astute knowledge of grant-making laws and exhibit inventive problem-solving skills. Independence in project management and excellent communication abilities are also key requirements.

Employee Benefits

Aptos values employee well-being and offers impressive benefits, including full insurance coverage, competitive salaries, equity, and protocol token grants. A supportive and inclusive work environment is guaranteed, as well as flexible vacation policies and equipment provision.

Diversity and Inclusion

Aptos prides itself on being an Equal Opportunity Employer, emphasizing diversity and rejecting discrimination at every level. Hiring at Aptos is conducted impartially, based solely on skill, merit, and business demands.

Global Opportunities

With headquarters that span across the globe, Aptos invites applications from passionate individuals everywhere who aspire to make a significant impact through blockchain technology.

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Aptos Blockchain


Project Management


January 29, 2024


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