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Join our tech-driven team at GoHealth Urgent Care to enhance patient experience with our innovative Salesforce platform integrations and development.

GoHealth Urgent Care: Revolutionizing Patient Care with Technology

GoHealth Urgent Care is focused on providing an effortless patient experience and integration with health systems. With operations in over 250 locations, the organization is rapidly expanding its on-demand care services. A pivotal part of sustaining growth is the development and enhancement of customer-facing applications, particularly on the Salesforce platform. This advancement demands a team member adept in change management and innovation.

The Role: Salesforce Platform Developer

The new team member will be instrumental in developing and enhancing digital products that meet both the users' needs and business objectives. A significant responsibility includes managing the Salesforce strategic roadmap, staying abreast of Salesforce updates, and applying relevant innovations to GoHealth's operations.

Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities for the role comprise significant customization, development, integration, testing, documentation, and deployment tasks within the Salesforce platform. This includes writing Apex code, creating Visualforce pages and Lightning components, ensuring application quality, and integrating Salesforce with various systems.

Collaboration and Interaction

The role requires regular interaction with stakeholders across departments to capture requirements, implement processes, produce reports, and act as a liaison between users and developers. Keeping documentation up to date and understanding operational processes are crucial for continuous enhancement.

Qualifications and Skills

An ideal candidate will hold a 4-year degree in computer science or have equivalent experience, combined with at least 5 years of Salesforce development experience preferably in healthcare or retail. In-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform, expert coding skills, proficiency in integration and testing, and strong project management capabilities are essential.

Required Technical Expertise

Technical skills include a deep understanding of Salesforce's architecture, advanced coding abilities in Apex, experience with Visualforce and Lightning components, proficiency with Salesforce APIs, and familiarity with databases and Salesforce’s security model. Competence in release management and unit testing is necessary.

Interpersonal Abilities

Exceptional communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams are crucial for the role. The ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple projects is also required.


GoHealth Urgent Care is seeking a dedicated Salesforce developer with excellent technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills to support and drive continuous innovation and improve the patient care experience.

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GoHealth Urgent Care

Over 250 locations (specific location not provided)

Software development


January 29, 2024


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