Senior Solidity Engineer

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Join Omni Network, an innovative platform enabling developers to deploy apps across all rollups with unified liquidity. We're seeking passionate team members.

Introduction to Omni Network

Omni Network is paving the way for developers to deploy applications seamlessly across various rollups, thereby preserving liquidity. It's an exciting time as Omni is expanding and looking for forward-thinking individuals to be part of an early team to realize a groundbreaking vision.

Team and Achievements

The team behind Omni boasts a stellar track record. Having previously developed a platform that managed over $70M in transactions, they successfully raised $18M from distinguished investors including Pantera, Two Sigma Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures. Notable angel investors such as Stani Kulechov and Sandeep Nailwal have also contributed. The team's expertise has allowed them to attract a significant user base, with over 300,000 testnet users within just two months.

Job Role and Responsibilities

The role involves the development of core smart contract software integral to the Omni Network. Responsibilities include creating a Solidity library and Typescript SDK, designing smart contracts, and establishing a token bridge aggregator for cost-efficient cross-chain transfers. Furthermore, successful applicants will engage in building developer tools, collaborate with teams, and enhance protocol design, drawing upon their Solidity, Typescript, and Golang skills.

Requirements and Competencies

Candidates are expected to have 4-7 years of production experience with a deep understanding of Solidity and Typescript, a track record of smart contract protocol development, fluency with token standards, and a daily working overlap with the 9am-12pm EST time zone. Soft skills like customer-centric orientation, autonomy, action-orientation, adaptability, high intelligence, and effective communication are also essential.

Nice-to-Have Skills

Experience with smart contracts involving bridging or messaging protocols would be advantageous.

Benefits and Values

Omni Network offers competitive compensation, early-stage equity, team outings, and unlimited PTO. The company culture promotes individual autonomy, long-term vision, and open access, striving for a self-sovereign society through innovative engineering. Committed to diversity and inclusion, they welcome applicants of all backgrounds. Flexible location options allow for a global workforce.

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Omni Network


Software development


January 30, 2024


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