Checkly: Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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Join Checkly as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager! Drive demand generation in a fully remote, async-first DevOps SaaS with a focus on PLG strategies.

Overview of Checkly's Job Opportunity

Checkly, acknowledged as a Gartner Cool Vendor, invites applicants to the position of Senior Digital Marketing Manager, stationed in their Berlin, Germany headquarters but offering a fully remote and asynchronous-first working environment. This role caters to professionals in DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SRE, contributing significantly to Checkly's growth and market impact in the Monitoring as Code movement.

Key Responsibilities and Impact Areas

The Senior Digital Marketing Manager will be responsible for data-driven demand generation, executing Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategies, managing cross-channel marketing efforts, overseeing agency collaborations, and executing paid channel strategies. The initiative aims to scale Checkly's user base and drive product adoption among tech-savvy professionals.

Role Specifics: What You'll Do

The candidate will be part of a marketing team, focusing on digital marketing strategies, lead nurturing, advanced analytics, coordination with product and sales teams, MarTech tool utilization, and collaboration with external agencies. SEO strategy development and execution are also central to this role.

Candidate Requirements

Checkly seeks a candidate with a proven track record in demand generation, a strong grasp of PLG strategies, a deep understanding of the DevOps landscape, data-driven decision-making abilities, exceptional communication skills, paid channel management experience, and SEO expertise. The successful applicant should be a remote-friendly team player, comfortable working async-first within specified time zones.

Benefits of Working at Checkly

Checkly offers a remote, flexible, and transparent work culture with inclusive benefits like stock options, paid vacation and sick leave, parental leave, learning budgets, co-working or home office setup, and company retreats. Their standardized salary calculator ensures fair, competitive, and transparent pay based on seniority and location.

Application Process and Inclusiveness

Checkly encourages candidates to apply even if they do not meet all the criteria, aiming for inclusiveness and diversity. The hiring process is transparent, with resources like the hiring playbook and employee handbook available to all prospective candidates. Checkly stands against the gender gap in job applications, urging those who feel less than fully qualified to apply regardless.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should visit the provided Checkly URL to submit their application. The hiring process is detailed in Checkly's hiring playbook for prospective candidates to know what to expect.

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Berlin, Germany



January 30, 2024


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