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Join Uscreen as an SEO Outreach Specialist and help video creators thrive in monetizing content. Be a part of our dynamic, remote team and grow with us!

Uscreen Overview

Uscreen is a continuously growing and profitably bootstrapped SaaS company with a product-led approach. It has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs and creators in the video space monetize their content. Through an all-in-one video membership platform, Uscreen enables these creators to earn revenue from subscriptions, communities, courses, and live events across a variety of devices, including web, mobile, and TV applications.

Impact of Uscreen

The platform boasts over 25,000 video creators who utilize its services to market, manage, and develop their offerings. Collectively, they have generated hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to the tools and services provided by Uscreen.

Job Opportunity: SEO Outreach Specialist

Uscreen is on the lookout for a dedicated SEO Outreach Specialist who will contribute significantly to the brand's authority and presence online. This role involves close collaboration with Marketing, Product, and other interdepartmental teams.

Primary Responsibilities

As an SEO Outreach Specialist, you are tasked to identify key target audience cohorts and formulate an effective outreach strategy for each. Crafting bespoke emails, managing SEO campaigns, and developing long-term relationships with key industry players will be at the core of your role. Monitoring the outcomes of your efforts and striving for continuous improvement is also expected.

Candidate Requirements

The ideal candidate has at least three years of outreach experience and a successful history of acquiring influential links and brand mentions. They should possess superior communication skills, be detail-oriented, and familiar with essential SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and BuzzStream. General SEO knowledge, and especially experience in the Creator Economy, are distinct advantages.

Uscreen's Core Values and Commitment

Uscreen promises competitive compensation and values its team's work-life balance, reflected in its flexible PTO policy. The company invests in its team's development, offering resources for training and growth, and maintains a 100% remote working policy, with additional support for home office setup and mental wellness programs.

Company Culture and Benefits

Uscreen fosters a company culture that supports professional growth, personal development, and mental wellness. Team members can enjoy the flexibility of working from any location and a range of benefits, including flexible parental leave and stipends for office setup and personal development.

Joining the Uscreen Family

As an SEO Outreach Specialist at Uscreen, you'll influence the success of thousands of video creators while also building a rewarding career within a company that values your growth and wellbeing. Uscreen emphasizes the importance of a rich work-life balance, personal development, and a supportive remote work environment.

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January 31, 2024


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