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Join our mission to empower career success at Realign! Seeking experienced Evening/Weekend Career Counselors. Apply now and shape careers with us.

Realign Company Overview

Realign, operating through, is dedicated to empowering job seekers to find fulfillment and success in their professional lives. With a significant number of individuals unsure about their career path and job satisfaction being low, Realign provides essential tools and resources to aid individuals in making informed career decisions. The goal is to align people's strengths, passions, and career objectives with suitable job opportunities, fostering happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Career Counselor Position at Realign

Realign is seeking a skilled Career Counselor with at least 4 years of experience, available for evening and weekend consultation. A successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field, alongside excellent communication and analytical skills. Prior experience with mid to late career clients, as well as a background in recruitment, would be advantageous.

The role entails using Realign's proprietary career report tools to offer individualized guidance and coaching. As the main point of contact for clients, the counselor is expected to ensure a bespoke and beneficial experience, while collaborating with the growth team to contribute to marketing strategies. Knowledge in career development theories and vocational assessment tools is essential, as is a passion for helping clients reach their career aspirations.

Compensation and Time Commitment

The compensation for this remote freelance position ranges from $30 to $45 per hour, based on the candidate's experience. The role offers flexible hours, up to 10 hours per week, catering to freelancers seeking a balanced work engagement.

Desired Candidate Profile

Realign seeks counselors who are not only experienced and knowledgeable but also have a natural drive to aid others in their professional growth. Proven experience in communication, a data-driven mindset, and the ability to break down complex concepts are key traits for potential candidates. The role is particularly suitable for those seeking to make a tangible difference in others’ professional lives while benefiting from the flexibility of remote work.

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February 1, 2024


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