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Join Octopus Energy's mission to revolutionize renewable energy. Seeking skilled surveyors for a sustainable future. Apply now & be part of the change!


Octopus Energy is on a quest to cause a significant 'green dent' in the universe by propelling the global renewable energy movement. The company is rapidly growing and is inviting more talent to join its vision of a greener and more energy-efficient world. With an expansion plan fueled by a substantial investment, Octopus Energy needs passionate individuals to join their team.

Job Opportunities in Lincoln

The company is currently hiring surveyors in the Lincoln area who are committed to the cause of better and cleaner energy. Octopus Energy Services is a frontrunner in transitioning to eco-friendly and cost-effective energy by installing various in-home technologies. These include smart meters, EV chargers, low carbon heating, home batteries, solar panels, and other renewable tech advancements that reduce carbon footprints and empower consumers over their energy usage.

Role and Responsibilities

Surveyors will be responsible for visiting customers' homes to assess the suitability for various green technologies, such as heat pumps and solar PV, while also evaluating for loft and cavity wall insulation, or conducting Energy Performance Certifications. They must capture detailed data, explain processes to the customers effectively, and ensure a positive experience that motivates customers to upgrade their homes. Adaptability and resilience in a dynamic environment are crucial qualities.

Qualifications and Experience

Candidates should possess strong customer communication skills, preferably with experience in energy efficiency assessment or insulation measures. Experience with in-home technology discussions, MCS accreditation, or Domestic Energy Assessor qualifications are desirable. Mechanical or electrical experience is preferred, but the ability to learn quickly is also essential. Competency in using technology is important as Octopus is a tech-forward company.

Salary and Benefits

Octopus offers a competitive salary package with progression opportunities and benefits, including overtime options, a loyalty bonus, a weekly lunch allowance, shares in the Octopus Energy Group, and use of company tools and vehicles.

Company Culture and Perks

Octopus Energy is renowned for its unique culture, where people can learn, decide, and build quickly, with autonomy. The company has been recognized as the best company to work for, offering a plethora of employee benefits. Employees enjoy a collaborative environment that values learning and innovation alongside a diverse, industry-leading workforce.

Equal Opportunity

The company encourages applications from everyone, regardless of whether applicants meet 100% of the job requirements. Octopus Energy is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, an inclusive work environment, and fairness for everyone without discrimination.

Application Process

Those who resonate with Octopus Energy's mission and values are encouraged to apply. The company values the unique skills and perspectives that a diverse workforce brings to the team, which are key to its success.

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February 2, 2024


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