Junior Designer Contract

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Join Apostrophe as a Junior Designer on a 3-month contract and be a key player in shaping our brand across various media platforms.

About the Junior Designer Role at Apostrophe

The Junior Designer position at Apostrophe is geared towards individuals eager to contribute to the creative process alongside the Visual Designer and Associate Creative Director. This entry-level role emphasizes the importance of collaboration and organizational skills in the execution of design projects. It presents an opportunity to work on a diverse set of design tasks, enhancing the brand's consistency across multiple platforms. Initially offered as a 3-month contract, there is potential for extension depending on performance and project needs.


The role encompasses a variety of functions that support the creative and marketing team. These include but are not limited to: designing social media content, creating marketing materials for campaigns, editing photography for media usage, preparing design files for production, and organizing a systematic file management process. Furthermore, the role entails developing basic motion graphics for advertising and staying current with design trends to aid the team's creative efforts.


Candidates should possess experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Adobe Illustrator, and have the ability to edit short-form video content, particularly for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. A good grasp of design practices for various social media channels is essential, as well as the aptitude to receive and execute feedback swiftly. Having an understanding of telemedicine, prescription skincare, Figma, and an interest in motion graphics will be advantageous.


Apostrophe offers a competitive salary, equity compensation, and a range of benefits, including unlimited PTO, health benefits, an ESPP, and 401k with employer match contributions. In addition, employees enjoy discounts on company products, offsite team retreats, and a supportive culture that prioritizes mental health and work-life balance.

Employment Specifics

The role is designated #LI-Remote, indicating a remote work option. Apostrophe is a sub-brand of hims & hers, a company based in San Francisco, California, with a nationwide presence and recognition in the telehealth and skincare market.

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Apostrophe, sub-brand of hims & hers

San Francisco, California

Design and arts


February 4, 2024


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