Recruitment Assistant (Fixed Term Contract)

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Join Alpadia Language Schools' vibrant team and shape the future of international students by assisting in recruiting seasonal staff for summer language camps.

Alpadia Language Schools Company Overview

Alpadia Language Schools, a member of the Kaplan International Languages group, enhances language proficiency through summer courses in English, French, and German. With a focus on juniors, Alpadia is established in prime European locations, offering ideal settings for learning and cultural immersion. Founded in 1996, the company is recognized for its superior educational experiences, aiming to broaden student horizons and inspire future endeavors. The organization's culture is not only student-oriented but also focuses on the growth and development of its employees, both personally and professionally.

Recruitment Assistant Position Description

This position plays a critical role in managing Alpadia’s UK seasonal staffing, including advertising, applicant processing, and onboarding of new hires. The Recruitment Assistant fulfills a variety of tasks from posting job ads to conducting interviews and processing background checks. It is a challenging yet rewarding job that greatly impacts the quality of Alpadia’s UK Language Camps and is central to the company's success in creating enriching language programs.

Key Responsibilities

The role involves a spectrum of recruitment duties including:

  • Posting and updating job adverts
  • Attending recruitment events
  • Managing applications and correspondence with candidates
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews
  • Finalizing selections and onboarding new employees

It also includes miscellaneous tasks to support new hires and contribute to HR processes, such as audits and payroll assistance.

Job Qualifications and Skills

The ideal candidate will exhibit excellent interpersonal, communication, organization, and decision-making skills. ICT proficiency is required, and experience in high volume, seasonal recruitment is desirable. Additional qualifications include a degree or equivalent education, CIPD qualifications, and knowledge of the language education sector.

Additional Information and How to Apply

The position offers a £23,000 yearly salary (pro rata) and demands an immediate start through August 16, 2024. Availability for peak seasons is necessary, as workload increases during the summer. Applicants must have the right to work in the UK, and only those shortlisted will be contacted.

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Alpadia Language Schools

United Kingdom



February 4, 2024


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