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Join Chord as a Full-Stack Engineer to build innovative ecommerce data solutions with a dynamic and collaborative remote team.

The Opportunity at Chord

Chord is actively seeking a talented Full-Stack Engineer to join their team and contribute to being the leader in customer data platforms. This role entails joining a growing team dedicated to empowering brands with advanced technology, creating unique customer experiences, and leveraging insightful data. As a company that prides itself on being remote-first, Chord offers a supportive and innovative work environment for its employees.

Role and Responsibilities

The Full-Stack Engineer will be responsible for developing Chord's storefront data SDK, which is integral to understanding customer behavior and feeding data into the company's warehouse. Additionally, the role includes expanding the company's data reporting and administration portal, enabling merchants to access and utilize key performance metrics essential for revenue growth.

This position offers a chance for engineers to solve big data problems, influence the Engineering team's culture and practices, and play a key role in designing and implementing Chord's flagship products. Collaboration with senior and principal engineers, as well as the Product and Customer Success teams, will be regular. There's a focus on not only contributing to the company's product development but also on aiding in customer support and technical issue resolution.

Qualifications and Experience

Success in this role requires an inclusive, curious, entrepreneurial, and thoughtful individual with proficiency in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, and React/Redux frameworks. The candidate should have experience in writing tests with tools like Jest and maintaining APIs, as well as a background in publishing JS libraries and knowledge of CI/CD and DevOps tools. Experience with Ruby on Rails, AWS, Datadog, Gatsby, and payment processors will be considered an added advantage.

Chord's Work Culture

Chord is looking for individuals who are keen to work in an early-stage company offering the potential to lead initiatives and impact the organization. The company provides comprehensive medical benefits, flexible PTO, a generous Parental Leave policy, and a fully remote working environment. Additionally, employees receive an onboarding package and an annual stipend for home office needs.

Compensation and Application Process

The full-time, salaried position offers an attractive salary range of $145,000 - $170,500 a year, based on US employment standards, including equity. Chord maintains an equal opportunity workspace, welcoming a diverse array of applicants without discrimination based on race, religion, or other personal factors.

The application process involves an initial discussion with the hiring manager followed by a comprehensive Zoom interview with various stakeholders within Chord. The company values the candidate's time and aims to make the interview process as efficient and informative as possible.

About Chord

Chord is a SaaS company backed by top investors and led by industry veterans, focused on providing high-velocity e-commerce growth through stellar technology and customer data platforms. An exciting opportunity awaits for engineers looking to innovate and grow within a dynamic, customer-centric tech environment.

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Software development


February 5, 2024


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