Technical Chief Operating Officer

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Join as a Technical COO in our thriving organisation and support our Co-Founders in strategic execution across diverse projects in the Web3 space.

Job Summary for Technical Chief Operating Officer

Our rapidly expanding organization is in search of a skilled and highly technical Chief Operating Officer to fortify our leadership team. This role is designed to bolster the Co-Founders by facilitating operational strategy and ensuring focus on overarching goals including strategy, communications, and vision.

Key Responsibilities

  • Daily operational management and serving as the main point of contact for the CEO/Co-founders.
  • Resolution of conflicts among teams, nurturing productive communication and outcomes.
  • Administration of internal tasks including system approvals and budget management.

Required Skill Set

  • Alignment with our core principles and ideology as defined on our websites.
  • Technical proficiency with a background in Software Engineering.
  • Embedded knowledge of the Web3 and Blockchain ecosystem.
  • Proven experience in organizational leadership with strong EQ and diplomatic skills.
  • History of managing remote, technical teams is preferred.

Bonus Expertise

  • Foundational experience in a start-up.
  • Background in open-source and politically aligned organizations.

If you are passionate about this role but do not meet all criteria, we encourage you to apply and elaborate on your fit in your cover letter.

Compensation and Hiring Process

The compensation package is negotiable, with flexibility in payment methods using fiat or cryptocurrency. Candidates will undergo a multi-stage interview process involving several senior team members after initially screening with a member from our Talent team.

Our Work Culture

Learn about our dedication to open source and how our unique structure supports remote and decentralized work across several countries. We operate with full transparency and believe in a high degree of autonomy to align with the organization's priorities.

Company Information: Logos, based in London, England, UK, is a proponent of remote and decentralized employment. We pride ourselves on our shared principles and our commitment to being a community-oriented team.

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London, England, UK



February 5, 2024


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