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Join Barkley as a Senior Social Media Manager! Bring your curiosity and passion for social media and content creation to our dynamic team.

Seeking Senior Social Media Manager with Passion for Innovation and Creativity

Our team at Barkley, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is in search of a Senior Social Media Manager with an unquenchable thirst for learning and a love for challenge. The ideal candidate will have a deep-seated obsession with social media, a knack for content creation, and a talent for extracting insights from online discourse. This role offers the unique opportunity to sculpt content for various nationally recognized brands across industries such as retail, CPG, and hospitality.

Main Responsibilities

This role is pivotal in steering comprehensive content planning and development for brand channels. You'll manage the process, set clear objectives, establish KPIs, and use data to optimize strategies. Your leadership will contribute to the FUEL team, shaping our philosophy, structure, and goals. Insight-driven content briefs will flow from your expertise, and you'll spearhead creative project kickoffs. Direction for influencer marketing and creative partnerships will also depend on your strategic input. You'll ensure the quality of content, uphold strategy alignment, and guarantee client satisfaction and business success are all synchronized with our timelines.

Analysis and insights will be another domain you supervise, delivering campaign scrutiny and actionable recommendations. As a mentor, you'll onboard and train your reports, providing them with the tools for success. Being on top of industry news and trends will enable you to adjust strategies and plans accordingly. Your expertise will make you a go-to for internal and external teams, and you'll forge trusted relationships with clients and partners across the board. Lastly, your involvement will be crucial in driving new business initiatives forward.

Qualifications for the Role

The role demands at least 4 years of pertinent experience with a proven track record in managing social media for brands and driving tangible outcomes. Superior communication skills are essential, coupled with excellent time management and meticulous attention to detail. Autonomy and initiative are must-have qualities, as well as a creative and critical approach to problem-solving. The candidate should exhibit an authentic interest in emerging technologies and trends, be well-versed with major social media platforms, understand paid media intricacies, and possess the ability to draw actionable insights from data. Google Suite proficiency and a relevant Bachelor’s degree round off the list of qualifications necessary for this exciting role.

About Barkley

Barkley is a forward-thinking company looking for individuals ready to contribute to our growth and success in the social media sphere. By providing a platform for innovation and constant evolution, we aim to maintain our standing as an industry leader while scaffolding the careers of our team members.

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Kansas City, Missouri

Social Media Management


February 6, 2024


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