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Take a leading role at WelbeHealth as an Executive Director, fostering wellness for seniors in a dynamic, growth-focused healthcare environment.

Overview of WelbeHealth's Mission and Growth

Founded in 2015, WelbeHealth is a public benefit company dedicated to providing comprehensive care to socioeconomically disadvantaged seniors. Their goal is to enable these individuals to live within their communities, avoiding the need for nursing homes. Impressively expanding, WelbeHealth now has over 1,000 team members and plans to continue this rapid growth trajectory.

Executive Director Role at WelbeHealth

The Executive Director at WelbeHealth is a crucial role, akin to the CEO of a clinic. This position encompasses full responsibility for the clinic's profit and loss (P&L), team leadership, budget management with the finance department, and participant enrollment in collaboration with marketing. The aim is to maintain high growth while overseeing clinic operations effectively.

Key Responsibilities

As the Executive Director, one must oversee care delivery quality, staff compliance with various standards and policies, handle the management team effectively, and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders. Driving operational excellence through strategic planning and continual refinement of practices is also part of the job. Operating within regulatory and licensing standards is essential to ensure the clinic passes audits successfully.

Qualifications and Experience

Prospective candidates should have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field with at least three years of experience in management within social or health services, or a Master's degree with at least one year of similar experience. Overall, five years' experience working with vulnerable seniors, and three years' supervisory experience, coupled with a proven track record in initiating improvements in patient experience, are necessary. Further, candidates should be adept at leading a data-driven organization.

Benefits and Compensation

The Executive Director role at WelbeHealth provides an opportunity to make significant contributions to the healthcare sector, especially in senior care, while enjoying a competitive total rewards package, including a salary ranging from $170,000 to $223,299.50, plus bonuses, equity, medical coverage, generous PTO, and other benefits, with emphasis on work/life balance.

Location and Application Details

The Executive Director position is based in Carson, California. WelbeHealth values creating an environment where every team member feels uniquely cared for, applying leadership expertise in innovative ways during a period of rapid expansion, and contributing to a mission that truly makes a difference in the lives of seniors.

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Carson, California

Project Management


February 7, 2024


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