Clinical Trials Manager

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Explore career opportunities at IGM Biosciences, innovating with IgM antibodies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

About IGM Biosciences, Inc.

IGM Biosciences, a Nasdaq-listed company (IGMS), is a clinical-stage biotech entity focusing on innovative medicines for cancer as well as autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Utilizing the IgM antibody with its 10 binding sites, compared to the standard IgG's two, IGM Biosciences is breaking new ground in therapeutic antibody treatments. These IgM antibodies offer unprecedented selectivity, affinity, and avidity. The company believes its technology is ideal for developing T cell engagers and receptor cross-linking agonists in partnership with a worldwide collaboration agreement with Sanofi.

IgM Antibodies in Disease Treatment

IGM Biosciences is leveraging the unique characteristics of IgM antibodies to revolutionize treatment for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. In oncology, these antibodies are being developed to trigger cancer cell death via receptor activation, demonstrating a commitment to creating better patient outcomes.

Position Overview

IGM Biosciences is searching for a seasoned Sr. Clinical Trial Manager to oversee the execution of phase 1-1b global clinical trials in oncology. This position demands comprehensive clinical trial management expertise, with responsibilities encompassing study start-up, patient enrollment, trial maintenance, and eventual close-out. A meticulous attitude towards protocol writing and SOP development is necessary along with superior communication skills across different functions.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

The role entails complete clinical operations leadership for complex oncology trials and strategic input to the Clinical Development Plan. Candidates must be adept at managing CROs and vendors, tracking study progress, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. A minimum of 10 years relevant experience is required, along with mandatory Phase I - II oncology trial experience. Financial management skills, familiarity with various clinical trial systems, and strong interpersonal skills are also essential.

Compensation and Benefits

The position offers a salary range of $151,000 - $189,000 per year, adjusted based on experience and geographic location. IGM Biosciences is committed to employee and family health, providing comprehensive benefits, paid time off, and professional development opportunities. The company practices equal employment opportunities, rejecting discrimination based on various grounds while ensuring a fair hiring process for all applicants.

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IGM Biosciences, Inc.


Project Management


February 8, 2024


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