SEO Outreach Specialist – South Korea

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Join Canva's International SEO team as an SEO Outreacher/Link Builder in South Korea for remote work with flexible location options and world-class tools.

Exciting Remote SEO Job Opportunity in South Korea

If you are passionate about SEO and looking for a remote job opportunity, Canva offers an exciting role as an SEO Outreacher/Link Builder. This position is designed for professionals living in South Korea who wish to contribute to Canva's expanding global presence from the comfort of their location.

Workplace Flexibility and Role Specifications

The job allows for ultimate work flexibility since you can work remotely from anywhere within South Korea. As part of Canva's International SEO team, you will be tasked with building high-quality backlinks to enhance the SEO performance of key landing pages in the Korean market. The job includes a mix of setting targets, identifying prospects, and executing outreach to secure quality links.

Job Responsibilities

As a Canva SEO Outreacher, you will work with the SEO Country Lead to select target pages that would benefit from backlinking. You will also:

  • Identify and maintain a list of backlink prospects.
  • Perform tailored outreach through quality emails.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with website owners.
  • Maintain accurate progress reports and communicate with the SEO country lead.
  • Contribute to the global outreach strategy by sharing insights and learnings.

Candidate Qualifications

Prospective candidates for this role should be native Korean speakers with business-level English proficiency. Ideal candidates are positive and enthusiastic 'people persons' with excellent written communication skills. Previous experience in a marketing-related field, adherence to Canva's white-hat link-building approach, attention to detail, and ability to follow instructions closely are all important traits for applicants.

About Canva's International SEO Team

The International SEO team at Canva is tasked with the mission of improving the SEO performance of the website's logged-out pages, empowering users worldwide to discover Canva. With a focus on a white-hat approach and well-established processes, the team operates efficiently to achieve its SEO goals.

Application and Hiring Considerations

Canva makes contractor hiring decisions based on experience, skills, and passion. During the contractor-accreditation interview process, applicants are encouraged to share their pronouns and communicate any reasonable adjustments they may need. Note that these accreditation meetings are held virtually.

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South Korea



February 9, 2024


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