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Join INFUSEmedia's team as a Project Manager! Be part of our innovative hiring process and work on impactful projects. Apply now!

Overview of INFUSEmedia's Hiring Process

INFUSEmedia is committed to a personalized hiring process, emphasizing human interaction over machine learning technologies. Every application is thoughtfully reviewed by experienced recruiters to ensure a fair assessment, valuing the uniqueness of each candidate. Following the application evaluation, select candidates may be invited to participate in a video interview curated by the hiring manager. This step often includes a practical test or project to identify the suitability of the candidate for the team dynamic.

Interviews and Decision Making

Candidates advancing in the process will engage in interviews with the hiring manager and the interview team using live meetings or Zoom—never through text-based platforms. Physical presence in either a live setting or a virtual face-to-face meeting is mandatory before any hiring decision is made. Should mutual interest persist post-interview, a live discussion regarding the job offer takes place. INFUSEmedia values its team like family and emphasizes making new hires feel comfortable and welcome.

The Role of Project Manager

INFUSEmedia is on the lookout for innovative Project Managers with exceptional problem-solving abilities. Candidates will be initiated into a role that involves pitching and executing impactful project ideas. The role comes with diverse responsibilities, including project oversight, planning, budgeting, implementation, progress monitoring, reporting, and adherence to timelines. As Project Managers, they must smoothly manage project processes, handle communication and coordination, adapt project management methodologies, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit to drive continuous improvement.

Qualifications and Benefits

Qualified candidates are expected to have a minimum of five years of experience managing projects, with a preference for those with IT project development experience. Strong organizational, planning, communication skills, and in-depth knowledge of project management tools and methodologies are essential. A solution-focused mindset, teamwork abilities, flexibility, and fluency in English (Ukrainian or Russian is advantageous) are also required. INFUSEmedia offers an engaging work environment with innovative projects, professional development opportunities, competitive compensation, and a collegial team. The work schedule promotes work-life balance with reduced Friday hours during the summer period.

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Project Management


February 13, 2024


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