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Discover Mindbloom’s revolutionary at-home ketamine therapy for anxiety & depression, providing affordable access, superior outcomes, and an excellent experience.

About Mindbloom

Mindbloom is a pioneering mental health company offering next-generation treatments with a focus on psychedelic medicines. Initially providing ketamine therapy for anxiety and depression, Mindbloom stands out by ensuring therapy is affordable, effective and can be administered 100% at home. With a client experience surpassing that of household names like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple, Mindbloom is on the forefront of redefining mental health care.

Transforming Lives

Mindbloom is tackling the growing public health crisis of mental healthcare by blending medicine, software, and artful content to create therapeutic experiences that are effective on a large scale. These experiences serve as a lifeline for clients, contrasting significantly from traditional treatments.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, including clinicians, marketers, and engineers. Led by an experienced CEO building world-positive companies and backed by top-tier investors, Mindbloom’s team is dedicated to building a brand that’s synonymous with transformational mental healthcare.

Our Culture

Mindbloom’s company culture is built on principles that prioritize radical responsibility, candor, wholeness, self-actualization, and freedom. As a remote-first company, we are dedicated to putting our clients first and spearheading a revolution in psychedelic therapy.

The Role

As an Experience Design Lead at Mindbloom, one’s responsibilities include collaborating on an AI guidance MVP, revamping client journey experiences, and architecting a seamless integration of our products for an enhanced customer journey. The ideal candidate is a quality steward with a comprehensive design process, focused on delivering exceptional client experiences.

Who We're Looking For

Candidates should have a strong inclination towards a superior client experience, a robust independent design process, a data-informed approach to user-centric product design, and should resonate deeply with Mindbloom’s mission. Proficiency in a remote-first, writing-based work culture, intellectual honesty, exceptional decision-making skills, and a focus on cultivating wholeness are highly valued.

Benefits and Inclusivity

Mindbloom offers competitive benefits including comprehensive insurance coverage, unlimited time off, access to discounted products and services, and a remote-first flexible work environment. With an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, Mindbloom encourages applicants of varied backgrounds to apply and is committed to equal employment opportunities.

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February 16, 2024


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