Patient Outreach Coordinator

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Join Vytalize Health, a mission-driven company shaping value-based care delivery. Work as a Patient Outreach Coordinator and make a tangible impact on healthcare.

About Vytalize Health

Vytalize Health is a pioneering company in value-based care, offering independent physicians a way to thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape. Their platform emphasizes data-driven approaches, eco-friendly initiatives, and comprehensive patient care. With tools that cover value-based incentives, advanced technology, and a virtual clinic, Vytalize supports 250,000+ Medicare beneficiaries and their doctors in managing chronic conditions effectively.

Company Growth

Expanding significantly, Vytalize Health's patient numbers have doubled annually. Collaborating with over 1,000 providers in 36 states, they oversee $2 billion in medical spending. The expansion continues across new and existing markets, strengthening the network of practices.

Work Environment

Vytalize Health is dedicated to employee satisfaction and is actively solving healthcare challenges. The inclusive and collaborative atmosphere encourages innovation and rewards the efforts of team members. The diverse team includes professionals from various backgrounds such as medicine, technology, and business. Working with Vytalize, employees contribute meaningfully to improving healthcare delivery.

Your Opportunity

The company seeks a Patient Outreach Coordinator to serve as a liaison among patients and healthcare providers. The role includes scheduling, reviewing medical records, and handling patient communications to aid the care team. This hybrid role involves working from the office, home, and visiting practices, under the Patient Outreach Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities

The coordinator will connect patients with care providers, aid in improving quality measures, make outreach calls, and provide education on preventative services. Clear communication with provider offices and tackling barriers to appointments is key. Coordinating with providers, managing schedules, and ensuring updated information flow constitutes additional responsibilities.


Candidates should have experience in healthcare or community service settings, familiarity with medical terminology, and proficiency in MS Office, especially Excel. Excellent communication skills and a knack for working independently or collaboratively are essential, as is a commitment to customer service and HIPAA compliance.


Vytalize Health offers competitive compensation, bonuses, comprehensive health benefits, a 401K plan, and generous paid time off. Employees are also provided with a technology setup and the opportunity to grow within a rapidly expanding leader in value-based healthcare.

Job Information

The full-time Patient Outreach Coordinator position offers a salary range of $22-24 per hour. Authentic communication from Vytalize Health will always come from official company email addresses.

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Vytalize Health


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February 16, 2024


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