Senior Technical Assistance and Training Specialist

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Join Synergy Enterprises as a Sr. TA &TS, leading technical assistance and training. Help educational grantees meet their goals in a dynamic environment.

Job Opportunity: Senior Technical Assistance & Training Specialist at Synergy Enterprises, Inc.

Synergy Enterprises, Inc., a well-established woman-owned small business, is actively seeking a qualified Senior Technical Assistance & Training Specialist (Sr. TA &TS) to join their dedicated team. The chosen candidate will engage in a broad range of activities focused on providing both written and interactive technical assistance, developing a variety of informational materials, facilitating discussions, conducting extensive research, and aiding educational grantees to achieve their objectives efficiently.

Primary Responsibilities

The Sr. TA &TS will be primarily responsible for leading various forms of technical assistance—ranging from in-person to online modalities. They are also expected to create informative products such as toolkits and guides, direct working group dialogues to pinpoint emerging issues, and develop innovative methods of delivering technical aid grounded in thorough needs assessments.

Furthermore, the role involves performing research activities, supporting grantees with program management, and formulating as well as executing training sessions, including but not limited to webinars, online courses, and conference presentations. The specialist will represent the Technical Assistance Center professionally in a multitude of settings and conduct data analysis for reporting purposes.


Candidates for the Sr. TA &TS position should possess a Master’s Degree or PhD in Education or a Social Science-related field, exhibit an advanced skill set in office software and virtual meeting platforms, and have a strong research, data collection, and analytical background. Expertise in specific educational areas, excellent time management abilities, and the capacity to navigate high-pressure situations are also required.

Other essential skills include exceptional organizational capabilities, outstanding communication proficiency, and a solid understanding of online data collection. Experience in grant management, website development, and partnership coordination are considered valuable additional qualifications.

Other Job Requirements and Work Environment

The Sr. TA &TS role demands flexibility, with the expectation of availability during the standard workweek and occasional weekends, along with the ability for about 20% travel, which may include overnight stays. Physical requirements are moderate, with some light lifting and the need for close visual focus. The work setting typically presents no considerable exposure to adverse environmental conditions.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Confidentiality

Synergy Enterprises, Inc. adheres to EEO guidelines and ensures confidentiality of all applicants’ information.

For further details about the position and to apply, prospective candidates can visit the Himalayas job listing page at [].

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Synergy Enterprises, Inc.

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February 17, 2024


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