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Join Status as a Social Media Manager passionate about blockchain, privacy, and growing our social media presence with innovative content strategies.

Overview of Status's Social Media Manager Position

Status is actively seeking a Social Media Manager who brings a deep passion for blockchain, decentralization, and privacy. This pivotal role involves collaborating with teams to bolster our social media presence and directly interacting with the online community to foster growth, maintain brand voice, and enhance user experience across various platforms. The ideal candidate is a self-motivated individual with keen attention to detail, creative wit, and growth-oriented strategies, reporting to the Digital Communications Lead.

Key Responsibilities

  • Comprehensive management of all branded social channels.
  • Developing targeted marketing strategies based on performance data.
  • Upkeeping and cultivating our social brand voice in line with company goals.
  • Consistent content creation and scheduling across necessary platforms.
  • Engagement and communication with followers through various channels.
  • Monitoring brand mentions and curating user-generated content.
  • Networking with relevant third-party brands and influencers.
  • Analyzing social media impact and success of content strategies.
  • Staying informed on the latest trends and technologies in social media.

Desired Qualifications

  • Exceptional organizational prowess.
  • Experience in web3 projects and knowledge of key social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, among others.
  • Superb written communication and basic graphic design skills.
  • Familiarity with social media analytics tools.
  • Capability to manage deadlines and handle work pressure.
  • An instinct for creative and aesthetic content coupled with a data-driven focus.
  • Identification with the company's core values listed on their manifesto.

Additional Assets

  • Experience in remote and asynchronous working environments.
  • Prior involvement in open-source organizations.

Candidates not meeting all criteria are still encouraged to apply, provided they can demonstrate their potential fit for the role in their cover letter.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process includes several interviews, a compensated task, and concludes with an interview with the co-founder. It is subject to adaptability and changes based on practicality throughout the process.

Compensation and Location

The role offers a salary range of $55,000 to $70,000, negotiable based on skill assessment during the interview stages. Status pays in fiat or cryptocurrency and is positioned in London, England.

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London, England

Social Media Management


February 20, 2024


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