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Explore the journey of DIA DAO from its inception in 2018, aiming to decentralize and empower a skilled community to drive growth and rewards for contributors.


Launched in 2018, DIA has been on a mission to decentralize its organization by leveraging a community of incentivized developers to source and validate data. The vision is to evolve into a fully functional Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a diverse and self-organizing community.

Our Goal

DIA aims to construct a robust framework that allows the community to actively contribute to the growth and development of DIA while receiving rewards. The establishment of the 'Work DAO' is a significant step towards achieving a fully matured DAO model.

Benefits of the DIA DAO

Participants in the DIA DAO can earn $ETH, XP points, and DIA tokens by completing bounties. These tokens not only serve as a reward but also facilitate governance participation. Beyond tangible rewards, contributors have the opportunity to learn about Web3, enhance their skills, connect with the ecosystem, and play a part in shaping the data layer of the Web3 economy.

Contributor Role

Contributors are tasked with various bounties such as exploit hunting, writing FAQs, suggesting tools for management, and platform integration research. Ideal candidates should be familiar with Discord, bounty boards, and other work DAOs, and be able to effectively present their research findings.

Moderator Role

Moderators assist users on platforms like Discord and Dework, helping them navigate and understand the values and opportunities of DIA DAO. They should have an understanding of community management, event coordination, and the adept use of Discord's moderation functions. Experience in community management and addressing issues while following guidelines is important. Moderators should also be autonomous, yet know when to escalate issues to leadership.

The range of bounties is ever-growing, and DIA DAO will soon introduce leadership positions. This is an auspicious moment to become involved with the DAO. Upon application, a team member will reach out to detail the next steps and how to apply for available bounties.

About the Company

DIA is a remote-based organization that offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to become part of an innovative decentralized workforce, contributing to the future of data validation and DAO development.

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Project Management


February 21, 2024


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