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Join a leading cryptocurrency tax compliance and portfolio tracking platform. CoinTracker is seeking a Product Marketing Manager to drive growth.

CoinTracker: Revolutionizing Financial Asset Management

CoinTracker is at the forefront of cryptocurrency management, creating essential tools that simplify portfolio tracking and tax compliance. With the vision to enhance global financial freedom and prosperity, CoinTracker is advancing to become an automated financial assistant for a variety of financial assets.

Key Achievements and Partnerships

Boasting a commanding presence in the crypto space, CoinTracker has seen a substantial growth trajectory. The service keeps track of more than $50B in cryptocurrency, accounting for over 5% of the entire market. Strategic partnerships have been formed with Coinbase, Uniswap, OpenSea, eToro, and H&R Block, among other industry titans. The venture has been backed by influential names like Accel, Y Combinator, and various successful entrepreneurs and ventures.

Leadership and Vision

At the helm are founders Jon, who created TextNow, and Chandan, a former Google product manager, both bringing extensive expertise and successful track records to the table.

Career Opportunity: Joining CoinTracker

As the first Product Marketing Manager at CoinTracker, there's an exciting opportunity to pave the way in marketing efforts aimed at millions of crypto users. The role calls for an autonomous individual capable of crafting and promoting the CoinTracker narrative, managing product launches, and engaging with various target customer personas to ensure market leadership in crypto taxes and financial tools.

Vision for Success

In one year, the Product Marketing Manager is expected to establish CoinTracker as the undisputed leader in crypto taxes and regulation expertise. They will be instrumental in building the company's external narrative and release announcements.

Key Responsibilities

The Product Marketing Manager will develop impactful marketing messages, create sales and partnership collateral, and produce engaging content. Market research will be a critical aspect to shape compelling product positioning and to identify opportunities for growth. Additionally, the role involves leading cross-functional initiatives to ensure the success of new product launches.

Desired Skills

Prospective candidates should have at least five years of experience in product marketing or closely related fields. A proven record of user base growth, excellent communication skills, strong knowledge of the crypto industry, and expertise in various marketing tools and analytics platforms are crucial for this position.

A deep understanding of the crypto industry's nuances, along with stellar project management capabilities, will be highly valued in this role.

Joining CoinTracker represents not just a career progression but also a chance to impact the financial well-being and freedom of cryptocurrency users globally.

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February 21, 2024


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