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Join Devoteam, a leading European digital consultancy, looking for a DevOps consultant skilled in Azure DevOps and CI/CD, to drive innovation and transformation.

Company Description

Devoteam stands as a premier European consulting firm that specializes in digital strategy, technological platforms, cybersecurity, and business transformation through state-of-the-art technology. Focused on six areas of specialization, the firm tackles the strategic challenges faced by their clients, which include Digital Business & Products, Data-driven Intelligence, Distributed Cloud, Business Automation, Cybersecurity, and Sustainability through Digitalization.

With technology at their core, Devoteam believes in leveraging it as a force for positive change, offering top-tier technological tools in combination with the personalized and professional approach of a dedicated team. Boasting 25 years of experience, Devoteam not only fosters innovation but assures the growth of its 8,500 employees through continuous certifications in cutting-edge technology and houses experts in various domains such as Cloud, BI, Data Analytics, Business Process Excellence, CRM, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering & Development.

A testament to their excellence, Devoteam has been recognized as the Cloud Partner of the year 2021 by the five cloud industry leaders: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

Job Description

Devoteam is seeking a DevOps consultant to service an esteemed international client. The ideal candidate should possess expert knowledge of Azure DevOps platform facets, excellent command of PowerShell, and rich experience in build and release pipelines along with CI/CD practices. Proficiency in professional English communication is also required.

The consultant will be responsible for creating cross-repository pipelines in Azure DevOps to deploy native and third-party applications on the Z-Horizon platform. They will also be tasked with crafting bespoke automation tools to facilitate building and deployment processes, as well as developing a custom solution-checking tool to ensure third-party application adherence to the governance criteria of Z-Horizon.

Focusing on Z-Horizon's governance criteria, the consultant will implement automated testing tools, collaborate with developers, and other engineers to establish and maintain ALM infrastructure, drive technical innovation and efficiency through automation and orchestration. Working within the Agile methodology, like Scrum/Sprint cycles, is also part of the role, all within the collaborative structure of DevOps assemblies.

Additional Information

Devoteam emphasizes inclusivity in its hiring process and encourages people with disabilities to apply for this enriching career opportunity.

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February 21, 2024


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