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Seeking a Web3-savvy manager to lead Voltage DEX & Volt app with a strategic mindset for product strategy, managing teams, marketing, and partnership development.

Job Opportunity: Web3 Experienced Manager for Voltage DEX and Mobile App

Fuse Network is on the hunt for a passionate, strategic, and creative Web3 experienced manager to head the management of the Voltage DEX and its corresponding mobile application, Volt. The role is expansive and calls for a candidate with a solid background in product strategy, stakeholder management, team leadership, marketing strategy, and partnership development.

Basic Qualifications

The ideal candidate must bring a minimum of 3 years of Web3 B2C and/or mobile experience and at least 1 year of practical involvement in DEX/CEX operations. Experience with DAO operations and a profound understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including dApps, web3 protocols, DAO, NFT services, and token-economics, is essential. Critical and strategic thinking, self-motivation, attention to detail, quick research skills, document organization, and excellent presentation abilities using office tools are necessary skills for this role.


This individual will take responsibility for the research and design of the DEX aggregator and the related product documentation. Close collaboration with various departments is expected to ensure successful project implementation and launch. The manager will oversee product lifecycle management, set data analysis indicators, track performance data, conduct competitor analysis, and manage business development efforts. In addition, they will need to work with Fuse management to align product specifications with business goals and consistently collect market/user feedback to enhance the product.

Preferred Qualifications

Candidates with experience in token-economics design, community management, technical blockchain protocol understanding, and NFT market knowledge will be given preference. Experience in managing a token-based fundraising event, launching and growing social networking accounts, creative industry network familiarity, and crypto asset investment expertise are also desirable.

Mindset Expectation

The ideal candidate will have a firm belief in the future of crypto/blockchain and embrace creative and strategic thinking. They should enjoy the challenges of a chaotic startup environment, be passionate about creating and launching novel products, and be dedicated to working within a team and advocating for user satisfaction.


Fuse Network offers competitive monthly compensation and incentive programs that reflect the qualified candidate's experience and skills.

The job location is worldwide, providing an opportunity for individuals from various locations to serve in a pivotal role for a leading name in the crypto and blockchain industry.

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Fuse Network


Project Management


February 22, 2024


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