Unreal VFX Artist - Remote Contract

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Join Future House Studios as a remote Unreal VFX Artist! Create stunning FX for high-intensity VR experiences. Contract position with competitive salary.

Unreal VFX Artist Opportunity at Future House Studios

Future House Studios is actively seeking a highly skilled and creative Unreal VFX Artist to enhance their team in crafting high-profile, intense virtual reality experiences. This opportunity is available for remote work on a contract basis, providing flexibility alongside a chance to work on exciting projects.

Core Responsibilities

The selected artist will be responsible for producing top-notch real-time visual and particle effects that align with the project's artistic vision and performance demands. The role involves intense collaboration with the design, animation, and art departments, contributing to the overall gaming experience with vibrant and lifelike effects. From the inception of design and simulation to the final stages of optimization and quality assurance, the artist will engage deeply with the technical and creative elements of VFX production.

Professional Experience and Skills

Candidates should bring at least two years of experience in real-time VFX production using gaming engines, with a particular focus on Unreal Engine expertise. A comprehensive reel showcasing proficiency in Unreal’s Niagara effects system is required. In addition, the role demands an understanding of the animation, modeling, and texturing pipelines as well as shader and texture creation.

Applicants must have a sharp eye for detail and excellent sense of scale, timing, texture, and color. The ability to technically deconstruct VFX in games or films, meet strict deadlines, and adapt to changes are essential. An in-depth knowledge of technical VFX considerations, especially rendering efficiency, is necessary for the role, alongside a proactive and solution-oriented mindset.

Desirable Additional Skills

Preferred candidates might also possess expertise that extends beyond the core game engines, such as proficiency in Houdini, experience with digital assets for the Houdini Engine in various platforms, familiarity with Maya, and the capability to write shader code using HLSL or GLSL.

Benefits of Working with Future House Studios

Future House Studios offers a competitive salary and a collaborative environment with a talented team. Employees have the privilege to engage with top-tier IP and enjoy the benefit of working remotely. This position not only delivers financial rewards but also provides a platform to work with an innovative and artistically driven company.

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This job offer was originally published on Himalayas


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Future House Studios


Design and arts


February 23, 2024


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