Vice President Product Management and PMO

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Discover OraSure, a leader in advancing health through diagnostic tools and services for HIV, HCV, drug testing, and molecular sampling kits.

OraSure Companies Overview

The OraSure family of companies, with subsidiaries DNA Genotek, Diversigen, and Novosanis, specializes in providing innovative health diagnostics and services that contribute to global health improvement. With over 800 employees, the company is dedicated to offering effortless testing solutions, including rapid tests for HIV and Hepatitis C, molecular sample collection kits, and drug abuse oral fluid laboratory tests.

Key Leadership Role

The Vice President, Product Management and PMO at OraSure Technologies Inc., is instrumental in driving growth. They lead the development and execution of product strategies for sample management and diagnostic portfolios. This role involves collaboration with a team to identify market opportunities, develop products, and execute life cycle management plans. Furthermore, the VP will participate in corporate mentorship, belonging, and communication initiatives.

Hybrid Work Position

This hybrid role offers flexibility, with the option to be based out of Bethlehem, PA, or Ottawa, Canada.

Primary Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the VP include shaping annual revenue and profit targets, long-term segment visioning, business plan execution, innovation roadmap development, and talent acquisition. The VP will also work to ensure supply continuity, customer satisfaction, quality standards adherence, strategic asset acquisition, organizational process optimization, key partner relationship maintenance, and oversight of strategic marketing plans and PMO governance.

Team Leadership

The VP oversees Directors and Senior Directors of Product Management, as well as Project Management Teams.

Candidate Qualifications

Prospective candidates should hold a Bachelor's degree in Business or the Sciences, have an advanced degree or equivalent experience, and possess 15+ years in global product management and strategy. A blend of strong interpersonal skills, technical acumen, senior management, and global experience is essential, along with a track record in product innovation, project, and change management.

Travel and Standards Compliance

The role involves U.S. and international travel and adherence to QSR and ISO standards.

Diversity and Inclusion

OraSure is committed to equal employment opportunity, diversity, and creating an inclusive workplace for all.

Employee Benefits

OraSure provides comprehensive benefits, including medical coverage, disability and life insurance, 401K contributions, paid time-off, leave coverage, referral programs, and training opportunities. The company supports hybrid and remote working arrangements and offers onsite parking.

Corporate Culture and Community Involvement

The company fosters a culture of health, well-being, and sustainability through various committees and supports initiatives against discrimination. In addition, OraSure ensures reasonable accommodation for employees and applicants with disabilities.

Contact for Accommodation Requests

Applicants with accessibility needs can contact Rebecca Zeleney for support during the recruitment process.

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OraSure Technologies Inc.

Bethlehem, PA, or Ottawa, Canada

Project Management


February 25, 2024


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