Trackdesk: Affiliate Manager

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Join Trackdesk as an Affiliate Manager and impact the affiliate marketing world with our cutting-edge, free platform. Enhance partnerships, drive growth!

About Trackdesk

Trackdesk is a pioneering early-stage startup offering a free affiliate management platform to eCommerce, SaaS, brands, and advertisers. After securing additional investment, Trackdesk is focusing on demonstrating significant traction over the next year. Located in Vinohrady, Czechia, Trackdesk provides innovative solutions at the forefront of affiliate marketing.

Joining the Team

As an Affiliate Manager at Trackdesk, you will join a rapidly scaling team and handle a variety of marketing tasks. Your role is crucial in recruiting, onboarding, activating, and developing affiliate partners, as well as, establishing and scaling new processes. The job involves working remotely with the flexibility to impact various aspects of the affiliate program.

Main Responsibilities

Your primary tasks include searching for potential affiliates, monitoring new registrations, engaging current affiliates to optimize their performance, and assisting in deal closures. Additionally, you will contribute to the marketing efforts by developing and executing promotions, email campaigns, social media interactions, and managing relationships with affiliate partners.

Required Skills and Experience

As an ideal candidate, you should exhibit exceptional English communication skills, multitasking abilities, and a readiness to handle various projects simultaneously. Having experience in SaaS, sales, or digital marketing is crucial, alongside a startup mindset and a positive, knowledge-sharing attitude.

Culture and Perks

Working at Trackdesk offers a warm, collaborative environment with talented colleagues. The Trackdesk team values fun while taking work seriously and recognizes the importance of its people, nurturing a supportive community.

Apply Now

If you're interested in joining Trackdesk as an Affiliate Manager, apply through the provided link to become part of an ambitious and growth-driven team.

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Vinohrady, Czechia



February 27, 2024


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