2024 Internship Supply Chain Summer

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Join Scout Motors' Internship Program for hands-on EV industry experience in a dynamic team environment, targeting Eng., Mfg., & Logistics majors.

Scout Motors Internship Program Overview

Scout Motors is offering an internship program aimed at providing undergraduate students with practical, hands-on experience in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Interns will become part of an inclusive and entrepreneurial team. The program seeks to immerse interns in the EV landscape, presenting the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technologies, market trends, and industry dynamics. Projects assigned to interns will contribute directly to Scout's goals, testing academic knowledge in a real-world setting, and promoting the development of problem-solving skills and creativity.

This program is specifically designed for undergraduates residing within the local market of Scout Motors. It's important to note that housing stipends are not available. High preference is given to Juniors and Seniors majoring in fields such as Engineering, Manufacturing, and Logistics. The application deadline is March 8, 2024. The internship is site-based at the Novi, MI location and does not offer relocation or sponsorship; interns must provide their own housing and handle travel arrangements.

2024 Internship Program Details

  • Schedule: Mid-May to mid-August 2024
  • Duration: Approximately 12 weeks, with flexibility around student academic schedules
  • Responsibility for Housing and Transportation: Interns are responsible for arranging their accommodation and transport

Supply Chain Internship Responsibilities

The Supply Chain Internship encompasses assisting the supply chain team with procurement, logistics, inventory management, and supplier relationship management. Interns will engage in procurement activities, demand forecasting, inventory level tracking, logistics coordination, and supplier performance assessment. Furthermore, interns will contribute to supply chain operations optimization and participate in stakeholder meetings. They are expected to provide administrative support, including data entry and report preparation.

Qualifications and Expectations

Intern candidates should be enrolled in relevant undergraduate degree programs with a focus on Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, or Engineering. Required competencies include strong analytical and communication skills, detail-oriented work style, and proficiency in Office applications. Prior experience in supply chain management and a passion for sustainability and electric vehicles are considered a plus.

Benefits of the Internship

Interns will gain invaluable experience in the burgeoning EV industry, collaborate on innovative projects, impact product development, and widen their knowledge in the automotive field.

Pay Transparency

The internship is a paid position, offering a base salary of $20.00 per hour (internal code: INTN). Scout Motors practices pay transparency and ensures employment consideration regardless of arrest and conviction records in San Francisco, criminal history compliance with Los Angeles regulations, and does not offer remote work positions in New York City.

Company Information

Scout Motors is located in Novi, Michigan, United States. The company values integrity, curiosity, resourcefulness, a positive attitude, and a growth mindset. Scout Motors welcomes interns who are adaptable, collaborative, and driven to achieve ambitious goals.

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Scout Motors

Novi, MI



February 28, 2024


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