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Join Bungie's team as an Editor for 'Marathon', shaping narrative elements while collaborating with various departments.

Bungie Career Opportunity: Editorial Support for 'Marathon'

Bungie is on the lookout for a gifted and collaborative Editor to contribute to the editorial elements of an upcoming game titled 'Marathon'. This role requires a candidate who embodies both passion and intellect, with the ability to heartily engage in editing tasks. An Editor at Bungie plays a critical part in bridging Narrative, Dialog, Cinematics, Localization, among other departments, ensuring cohesion in story creation.

Main Responsibilities

The Editor is tasked with content and copy-editing for all public-facing texts associated with the game. They will also assist the narrative leadership in managing crucial documentation, from style guides and lore bibles to glossaries, maintaining consistency across the game's intellectual property (IP). Moreover, the Editor will handle vendor onboarding, project tracking, and the communication of various project aspects such as risk, status, and scope during development cycles.

Required Skills

A successful candidate must be able to deliver top-tier content promptly and possess an excellent grasp of the English language. Strong communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep-seated commitment to iterative improvement are also crucial. Time management and high emotional intelligence are expected.

Preferred Qualifications

While not mandatory, a degree in English, Creative Writing, or Communications can be beneficial. Experience in interdisciplinary collaboration, proprietary game engines, and knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style are also advantageous. A genuine interest in and understanding of games is appreciated.

Compensation and Work Culture

Bungie offers a competitive salary range in the Seattle area and provides comprehensive benefits and perks, including accrued PTO, paid holidays, and sick time. The company advocates for a diverse and inclusive workplace and encourages candidates of varied experiences to apply, emphasizing that they may still be the perfect fit even if they do not meet every single qualification.

Remote Work Policy

The majority of Bungie employees enjoy a 'digital first' approach, enabling them to work remotely in approved locations. Moreover, Bungie's remote policy may be subject to adjustments, and certain roles may necessitate residency in specific compliant states within a set timeframe.

Bungie's open positions cater to a broad spectrum of talents, professing a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusivity while aiming to inspire a new obsession in players through 'Marathon'.

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Editing and proofreading


March 4, 2024


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