Experienced Croatian Editors with iGaming or e-Commerce

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Join Language Bear's team as a Native Croatian Editor with expertise in Casino&Sports Betting or e-Commerce. Remote work with flexible hours.

Language Bear's International Content Creation Expertise

Language Bear is a premier content creation company that operates internationally, boasting over 1000 native speakers who are fluent in 60+ languages. These expert writers produce SEO-friendly content that is crafted to meet the specific needs of clients. Their experience spans a wide range of industries including Travel & Leisure, Sports, Cosmetics, Fashion, Gambling & Casino, Auto, Retail, and more.

Opportunity for Native Croatian Editors

Currently, for some upcoming high-scale projects, Language Bear is seeking to recruit experienced Native Croatian Editors who possess knowledge in Casino & Sports Betting or e-Commerce. The role is remote, offering flexibility and involves editing marketing content and product descriptions, primarily in the Food Delivery industry. Other tasks may include creating and editing articles related to iGaming, like game reviews and promotional content.

Editorial Responsibilities

As an editor, the responsibilities include ensuring the texts are readable, clear, and stylistically appropriate. Editors will also eliminate grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors. For translation tasks, they must ensure the quality of the translated content is of a high standard by comparing it with the source file.

Main Requirements

The position requires applicants to be native Croatian speakers with a proven track record in editing Gambling or Product Description-related texts. Exceptional writing skills and a zero-tolerance policy for errors are crucial. Meeting deadlines, working in a structured manner, and possessing an easy-going, responsible character are also important.

What Does Language Bear Offer?

Language Bear offers a chance to be part of a superstar virtual team, the flexibility of working hours and location, daily support, opportunities for more projects and a stable weekly flow of work for top performers. Additionally, it's an opportunity to create unique content for well-known brands.

Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV in English and samples of their work relevant to the niche. By applying, candidates acknowledge the voluntary submission of personal data for the hiring process, which is stored and used in line with EU laws and GDPR. Candidates can withdraw consent at any time. Only those who meet specific requirements will be contacted.

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Language Bear


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March 18, 2024


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