Senior Medical Editor

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Join Epsilon as a Senior Medical Editor and contribute to top client promotions with your editorial expertise in the pharma ad industry.

Company Overview

Epsilon is a global leader in advertising and marketing technology. As part of Publicis Groupe, Epsilon focuses on harnessing first-party data to drive campaigns and showcasing outcomes while protecting consumer privacy. Their identity graph is pivotal in reaching real people across the digital landscape. With over 8,000 employees, the company is celebrated for its contributions to the marketing industry by notable entities such as Forrester, Adweek, and the MRC.

Job Description Summary

Epsilon seeks a Senior Medical Editor for its Digital Experience practice, reporting to the Director of Medical Editing. This role involves a full range of editorial duties, including copyediting, final sign-off reviews, and ensuring adherence to various style guides, especially AMA. The position requires not only expertise in grammar and spelling but also an understanding of FDA guidelines and the ability to fact-check and edit content for both DTC and HCP audiences.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform first read copyedit and final review on projects
  • Enforce grammar, spelling, AMA style, and agency guidelines
  • Fact-check and edit content for scientific accuracy and strategic alignment
  • Maintain editorial style guides for brands and ensure project timeline adherence
  • Participate in project kickoff and status meetings

Skills and Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have at least three years of experience in a pharmaceutical advertising agency, be proficient in AMA style, and have experience with digital and print materials editing. Knowledge of FDA guidelines is considered a plus. Competency in English language, good communication skills, and deadline management are essential. Familiarity with tools like WorkFront and Verify, and software from Adobe and Microsoft, is desirable.

About Epsilon

Epsilon executes over 400 billion consumer actions daily and prides itself on its patented technologies and dedication to privacy. With a reputation bolstered by industry recognition, Epsilon provides a culture that fosters innovation and inclusivity, evident through its blog and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

Benefits and Equal Opportunity Employment

Epsilon rewards its employees with competitive pay, comprehensive health coverage, and the potential for career advancement. It is an Equal Opportunity Employer that stands against discrimination and harassment of any kind. Commitments to accommodate applicants and considerations for those with criminal histories within certain legal frameworks are part of Epsilon's inclusive hiring practices.

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Digital Experience practice

Editing and proofreading


March 14, 2024


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