Customer Success Manager - Swedish/Norwegian speaker

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Join Unit4 as a Customer Success Manager, ensuring customer satisfaction with our innovative ERP solutions using your Swedish/Norwegian skills.

Company Overview

Unit4 is dedicated to empowering service organizations through cutting-edge Enterprise and Business software solutions. Their mission is to innovate ERP systems that are adaptive, intuitive, and make work more enjoyable, enabling people to focus on high-value tasks they are passionate about. For more insights, their website provides detailed information on how they are transforming the workplace.

Job Opportunity

Unit4 is eager to appoint a Swedish and/or Norwegian-speaking Customer Success Manager. The core objective of this role is to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by building strong, enduring relationships and ensuring that customers receive maximum value from their solutions.

Main Responsibilities

The Customer Success Manager will strive to improve customer interactions with Unit4, aligning with a bespoke customer journey, and focus on creating a valuable customer experience across all pivotal touchpoints. They will hold regular meetings with customers, advocate for their needs, integrate feedback to refine service quality, drive value-added services to enhance product utility, pursue new sales opportunities, and manage service and product-related queries or issues. Carrying out business reviews with diverse customer management levels will also be an integral part of the role.

Qualifications & Skills

Prospective candidates must be adept in communication and relationship management and fluent in Swedish/Norwegian and English. Prior experience with ERP or SaaS firms is advantageous. Passion for customer satisfaction, a proactive and possessive attitude towards work, professional presence, ability to influence with trust, and technical literacy in engagement technologies are key qualifications. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field is preferred.

Additional Benefits

Unit4 offers an opportunity to be part of a leading software firm’s evolution. The role promises a challenging, international work environment surrounded by passionate colleagues. Commitment towards personal and professional growth of employees is evident, with a focus on result-driven work rather than the number of days worked.

Learn More and Apply

Interested candidates can find more information and apply for the Customer Success Manager position through Unit4's career page or the job posted on Himalayas.

This job offer was originally published on Himalayas


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Customer support


March 10, 2024


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