Talent Acquisition Intern

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Join SAND's vibrant team and fuel your passion for meticulous research, swift adaptability, and continuous learning in a role that redefines tech talent.

About The Exciting Opportunity

Are you impeccably organized, detail-oriented, and always eager to learn? If the answer is yes, you may be the perfect fit for an exciting role at SAND, a company on a mission to harness Africa's burgeoning tech talent and address the global tech talent shortage.

About Us And Our Mission

SAND is an ambitious company with a vision to employ over 100K individuals across the globe, tapping into Africa's rapidly growing workforce. SAND boasts diverse talents from 48+ countries and is working towards becoming a multi-billion dollar tech provider.

Our ecosystem includes two dynamic brands: ALX and Sand Technologies, each pioneering in areas of tech talent cultivation and providing cutting-edge technology services worldwide, designed to foster vibrant tech communities and transformative career opportunities.

The Talent Acquisition Team

The Talent Acquisition Team at SAND is dedicated to excellence, ensuring a comprehensive hiring process. As specialists, we focus on adopting scalable systems to firmly establish SAND as a top global employer.

About The Role

This hands-on role is perfect for individuals with high motivation, creativity, and organizational skills. The role involves supporting robust talent sourcing strategies, partnering with Talent Acquisition Partners, and handling a myriad of administrative and candidate-related tasks.

Requirements For The Role

The ideal candidate will possess strong project management skills, a passion for discovery in recruitment, multitasking abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and an innovative mindset.

Nice To Have

While not essential, experience with Applicant Tracking Systems such as Greenhouse and proficiency in G-suite would be highly beneficial for this role.

This remote role offers the opportunity to be part of a company that does hard things and reshapes the tech industry. If you're ready to take on this challenge, SAND is ready for you!

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March 11, 2024


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