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Join The Golden Rise as a fresher Assistant Recruiter and kick-start your HR career with our dynamic team. Engage in sourcing, screening, and more.

Job Opportunity for Freshers at The Golden Rise

The Golden Rise is on the lookout for a driven and motivated fresher to fill the role of Assistant Recruiter within our proactive Human Resources team. This position presents an unmatched opportunity for individuals looking to embark on a rewarding journey in HR recruitment. An ideal candidate would take charge of various aspects of the recruitment process, engaging in sourcing, screening, and interacting with potential candidates.

Core Responsibilities

  • Talent Sourcing: Play a supporting role in finding talent using various channels like job portals, social media, and employee referrals.
  • Candidate Screening: Evaluate resumes, conduct initial calls to screen candidates before proceeding to the next stage.
  • Interview Coordination: Organize interviews, ensuring seamless communication with candidates and hiring managers.
  • Database Management: Keep recruitment databases and trackers up-to-date.
  • Employer Branding: Assist in marketing our employer brand to draw in top-tier candidates.
  • Administrative Support: Aid the HR team by handling various administrative tasks.

About The Golden Rise

The Golden Rise stands out as a frontrunner in its sector, recognized for its dedication to excellence and fostering employee growth. We pride ourselves on creating a workplace that promotes learning, growth, and success, underpinned by inclusivity and support for our staff.

Candidate Prerequisites

  • A recent graduate or a final year student specializing in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a similar discipline.
  • Exemplary communication skills coupled with a knack for interpersonal relations.
  • Highly organized with efficient time management capabilities.
  • An emphasis on teamwork and a collaborative mindset.
  • A keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy.
  • A fervent interest in HR and the intricacies of recruitment.
  • A foundational understanding of HR functions and recruiting strategies is beneficial.
  • Good command of MS Office tools.

Employment Advantages

Embarking on a career with The Golden Rise, you'll have access to a competitive salary and the chance to climb the professional ladder through continuous advancement and professional growth. More than just a job, you'll find a welcoming and diverse office culture awaiting you.

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The Golden Rise

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March 12, 2024


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