Senior Analytics Manager, Marketing

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Join Thrasher as the Head of Analytics Marketing and impact millions with cutting-edge marketing strategy and analytics expertise.

Overview of Thrasher's Goals and Culture

Thrasher is a company with ambitious goals, where every team member contributes significantly to success. They seek positive thinkers who prioritize teamwork and can set aside their egos. As a Thrasher, you're encouraged to take risks and innovate. While failure is seen as a growth opportunity, the ultimate aim is to affect millions of users globally with products like spatulas, pillow brands, and kitchen scales. The focus is on delivering exceptional moments through these products.

The Role of Head of Analytics Marketing

The Head of Analytics Marketing is responsible for crafting Thrasio's advertising spend strategy across various marketing channels and ecommerce platforms. This role entails using analytics for optimization, collaborating with data science and engineering to scale solutions, and ensuring operational excellence. Key responsibilities include developing novel marketing strategies informed by analytics, leveraging technical skills to work on large data sets for identifying opportunities and hypothesis validation, monitoring market dynamics, and communicating progress to C-level stakeholders. Building and managing a team of high-performing analysts is also a critical function.

Minimum Qualifications and Desirable Skills

Candidates for the role must have at least 5 years of relevant work experience, especially with automated algorithmic systems. Expertise in Amazon’s ad ecosystem, PPC, ACoS, Google PLA, and SEO is beneficial. High-impact strategic influence, strong quantitative reasoning, and superior communication skills are essential. Additionally, coding skills in SQL, Python, R, etc., are considered advantageous but are not a mandatory requirement.

Compensation and Equity

Thrasher believes in fair and equitable pay for all employees. The estimated base annual salary for the position is between $135,000 and $215,000, reflecting factors such as skills, qualifications, experience, and business needs. This range may accommodate different levels of roles and experience, but the actual salary for an individual may vary within or outside this range based on relevant circumstances. The final offer will detail the agreed-upon salary.

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March 15, 2024


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