Lemon.io: Senior Full-stack PHP Developer

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Join Lemon.io, a marketplace for senior developers seeking remote jobs with fair compensation and career growth. Apply now for your perfect startup match!

About Lemon.io

Lemon.io is a dynamic marketplace designed to connect senior developers with exciting remote job opportunities in hand-picked startups across the US and Europe. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Lemon.io offers a platform where developers can showcase their skills, earn competitive wages, and experience career growth without the hassle of micromanagement.

What Does Lemon.io Offer?

  • Respect for your time with no micromanagement or screen trackers.
  • Opportunity to earn $5k - $7.5k monthly, with over $10M already paid out to engineers.
  • Freedom to communicate asynchronously and choose flexible schedules.
  • Direct communication with clients, many of whom have technical backgrounds.
  • Continued support from application to ongoing cooperation.
  • Business aspects handled by Lemon.io so that developers can focus on their work.
  • Custom project matching based on skills and preferences.
  • Fast-paced startup work environment to stay motivated.
  • Connection with a global community of top developers.

Staff Augmentation Collaboration

Lemon.io also collaborates with companies through staff augmentation, offering more details on their partnership webpage.

Candidate Requirements

  • Looking for senior and senior+ software developers.
  • Proficiency in PHP/Laravel and React with 2+ years of experience.
  • Knowledge of relational databases like MySQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.
  • Experience in developing GraphQL and RESTful APIs, and familiarity with cloud computing platforms (GCP, AWS, Azure).
  • A bonus for experience with other PHP frameworks and deployment workflows including CI/CD and Docker.
  • Excellent communication in English and strong organizational skills.
  • A responsible, self-managed individual who values clear communication.

Further Steps for Applicants

  • 10-minute VideoAsk introduction.
  • Profile completion on the me.lemon platform.
  • 30-minute screening call with Lemon.io recruiters.
  • Technical interview with Lemon.io developers.
  • Feedback and potential project match through the Magic Box process.

Geographic Considerations

Lemon.io works with developers from regions like Europe, LATAM, Asia, Oceania, Canada, and the UK. However, there are restrictions on applicants from certain countries due to legal basis.

Application Process and Language Requirements

Due to a high volume of applications, only suitable candidates will be contacted. Lemon.io emphasizes the importance of submitting CVs in English for priority consideration.

Ready to Apply?

Senior developers with expertise in fields like Python, React Native, Data Engineering, Data Science, AI, and ML are encouraged to apply. Lemon.io promises to match candidates with projects suited to their experience and skills. To apply and join the Lemon.io community, potential candidates should visit the provided job ad link.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Software development


March 22, 2024


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