Paved: Senior Rails Developer

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Join Paved as a Rails/Backend Developer to drive growth through innovation and tackle complex challenges in a remote setting.

About Paved

Paved is an innovative platform that simplifies the process of email newsletter sponsorships by connecting high-profile brands with targeted audiences. Leading companies like Uber, DropBox, and Salesforce, as well as popular newsletters such as NBC, Business Insider, and TechCrunch, benefit from Paved's seamless sponsorship solutions. Striving for simplicity and scalability, Paved's mission is to transform the traditional complexities of advertising into extraordinary and effortless solutions for customers.

Remote Working Environment

With a headquarters in New York, NY, Paved operates as a fully remote team, offering employees the opportunity to work from anywhere. This unique working environment appeals to self-motivated individuals capable of taking on significant challenges and thriving in a remote setting. Paved values the ability to work collaboratively with a dispersed team and is keen on finding talent that can grow with the company.

Role of Rails/Backend Developer

The Rails/Backend Developer will play a crucial role in advancing Paved's backend systems through their expertise and dedication to quality. They will be tasked with developing and maintaining efficient Rails code, resolving performance bottlenecks, and integrating server-side logic with front-end elements. The developer is expected to contribute innovative solutions and work closely with the team to define and implement new features.

Technical Challenges and Opportunities at Paved

The scale of operations at Paved offers unique technical challenges, as their APIs handle billions of requests monthly. This environment grants Rails/Backend Developers the chance to address complex, high-level problems and remain up-to-date with the latest technologies within Paved's modern tech stack.

Responsibilities of the Rails/Backend Developer

  • Develop and maintain efficient and reliable Rails code.
  • Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks and bugs.
  • Collaborate with front-end developers, using knowledge of React as an added advantage.
  • Implement services and APIs for the web application.
  • Work with the team to define and prioritize feature requirements based on platform goals.
  • Optimize the application for speed and scalability.

Requirements for the Position

  • 5+ years of professional Ruby on Rails development experience.
  • Strong portfolio showcasing backend Ruby on Rails projects.
  • Familiarity with React and a strong backend focus.
  • Skilled in automated testing and unit tests.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and communication skills.
  • Capability to manage multiple projects and attention to detail.
  • Knowledge in database design, optimization, and cloud computing platforms like Heroku or AWS.

Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through the provided link to join the Paved team as a Senior Rails Developer, and be a part of a dynamic, fully remote workforce that drives the innovation and success of Paved's platform.

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New York, NY

Software development


March 23, 2024


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