Port Side Logistics LLC: Independent Freight Broker

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Exciting opportunity for self-motivated individuals to join as Independent Freight Brokers with a 70/30 commission split, working remotely on a flexible schedule.

Job Opportunity: Independent Freight Broker (Remote)

Headquartered in Savannah, GA, a leading logistics brokerage offers an opportunity for motivated individuals with a passion for the logistics industry to join as Independent Freight Brokers. This 1099 contractor position invites candidates to work remotely, providing the flexibility to work from home.

About the Company

The company is renowned for its excellence in bridging shippers with carriers, prioritizing innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry knowledge. They stand as a credible partner in the logistics sector.

Role Overview

As an Independent Freight Broker, you will be integral to connecting shippers with trustworthy carriers. This role is suited for those with an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing for the development and nurturing of relationships, negotiation of rates, and coordination of shipments. Brokers are given the autonomy to manage their workload, set their working hours, and operate from a home office.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prospecting and onboarding new shippers and carriers to widen your network.
  • Negotiating rates, securing terms, and monitoring shipments for efficient delivery.
  • Providing top-notch customer service to sustain business relations.
  • Using the company's advanced technology platform for streamlined operations.
  • Staying abreast of the logistics industry trends and market changes.


  • Prior experience in logistics or a related field is preferred.
  • Exceptional communication, negotiation, and organizational skills.
  • Self-motivation and independence in work habits.
  • Proficiency in technology and software usage.

What the Company Offers

  • A competitive 70/30 commission split to incentivize performance.
  • The flexibility of creating a personal work schedule and operating from home.
  • Access to a broad network of carriers and ongoing support for success.
  • The chance to build your own business within the company's supporting framework.


  • Flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home.

Compensation Package

  • Commission-based earnings with no cap on the commission.


Brokers can choose their own working hours, complementing the work-from-home nature of the job.

Application Process

To seize this remote work opportunity as an Independent Freight Broker and advance in the logistics field, applicants can apply through the specified employment website.

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March 25, 2024


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