Regional HR Lead - CEE & Latam

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Join BlaBlaCar as a Regional HR Lead for CEE & Latam to drive HR initiatives and support our diverse team of 800 employees across the globe.

About BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a leading community-based travel app, connecting 26 million members annually to share carpool or bus journeys in 21 countries. With a team of 800 employees from over 50 nationalities, they foster a diverse workforce distributed among 5 global offices, with 30% working remotely.

Your Mission

The Regional HR Lead for CEE & Latam is sought to join the People team at BlaBlaCar. Their role revolves around aligning business needs with People team objectives, driving organizational effectiveness, and enhancing employee engagement in their respective region. This position requires close collaboration with leadership and central functions to deploy HR strategies, and it entails direct reporting to Amaelle Richaud, the VP People Partners.

Your Responsibilities

The Regional HR Lead will function as the HRBP for the core local team, partnering with experts and business leaders to execute core People programs and support managerial roles. Furthermore, this individual will oversee employee satisfaction and engagement, inform people strategies, adapt practices to the regional context, and ensure compliance with HR practices, all while leading HR operations in their designated region.

Your Qualifications

Applicants should have 10-15 years of progressive HR experience, encompassing HR operations and HRBP roles, preferably with international and high-speed business exposure. Leadership skills, business acumen, full English proficiency, and a preference for collaborative, innovative environments are crucial. Knowledge of additional languages and startup experience are advantageous.

What We Offer

BlaBlaCar offers numerous benefits, including the possibility of full remote work, additional maternity and paternity leave, financial support for home office setups, holidays, meal plans, transportation subsidies, a relocation package, free travel through carpooling and buses, personal growth opportunities, stock ownership plans, team-building events, and mental health support.

Join the Ride

The hiring process involves several video calls to assess fit and technical skills, culminating in a round of informal meetings. The entire hiring process is swiftly conducted on average within a month, with prompt follow-up on offers.

Diversity and Inclusion

BlaBlaCar prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer with a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion. They encourage candidates who may not meet every listed qualification to apply and share how they can contribute to the role.

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March 30, 2024


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