Senior Java / Python developer

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Join a revered investment management organization and enjoy a culture of integrity, partnership, and performance. Accelerate your global career.

Overview of Career Opportunity

As a candidate for this position, you have the chance to join one of the world's most esteemed and rapidly expanding institutional investors. The firm manages funds on a global scale to secure long-term sustainability. It is an organization known not only for its professional investment management expertise but also for its unyielding integrity, compelling social purpose, and a culture that champions excellence and partnership.

Benefits of Joining the Team

By becoming part of the organization, individuals can look forward to a dynamic work environment that offers a variety of benefits. These include working alongside a diverse and inspiring workforce, engaging in intellectually stimulating tasks, gaining accelerated exposure and responsibility, and finding abundant global career development opportunities. The culture at this firm is deeply rooted in principles such as Integrity, Partnership, and High Performance.

Job Responsibilities

Serving in this role, the individual will manage project timelines and deliverables, ensuring successful outcomes. The position involves designing software solutions through close interaction with stakeholders and developing systems that prioritize efficiency, scalability, and the enablement of new trading activities. An essential part of the role includes disseminating knowledge to peers and support staff via demonstrations, walkthroughs, and documentation.

Required Skills

The employer is seeking a professional with over six years of experience in both Java and Python, within an enterprise setting, covering the full development lifecycle. Excellent communication skills and the ability to manage client expectations are crucial. Furthermore, proficient technical skills in AWS technologies such as Lambda, SNS, SQS, and S3 are required.

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English at a C1 Advanced level is necessary to communicate effectively within the team and with clients.

Who Should Apply?

This opportunity is geared towards individuals who not only share a passion for performance but also value collegiality and a collaborative work environment. Above all, candidates must approach all aspects of their work with the highest integrity to be considered for the role.

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Institutional Investor


Software development


April 2, 2024


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