Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist

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Join Ambience Healthcare as a Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist in Cleveland, OH to optimize workflows with AI medical scribe software.

Summary of the Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist Role

Ambience Healthcare is in search of a dedicated and proficient Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The primary objective is to revolutionize the clinical environment by training clinicians to effectively use the breakthrough Ambience AutoScribe software, which utilizes cutting-edge generative AI technology for medical scribing.

The role centers around helping clinicians to adapt their workflows to AutoScribe, thus enhancing patient care and increasing clinical documentation efficiency. The selected individual will need a substantial understanding of healthcare practices and clinical documentation processes. Their contributions are vital for clinician confidence and efficiency in using Ambience Healthcare's product on a daily basis.


  • Baseline current workflows to develop tailored training programs.
  • Create training resources such as user guides, video tutorials, and presentations.
  • Capture clinician feedback to refine training and influence product enhancements.
  • Address product-related issues, cooperating closely with technical internal teams.
  • Integrate product updates into the training material.
  • Perform assessments to judge the training's impact and the clinicians' grasp of AutoScribe.
  • Offer ongoing support and resources to ensure user proficiency with the software.
  • Analyze clinician feedback on note quality and coordinate with the clinical team.

Candidate Profile

  • Educational background in healthcare, nursing, or related fields.
  • Track record in teaching or training, preferably within healthcare settings or software products.
  • Adept in healthcare workflows and adept at solving technical issues.
  • Excellent communicator with a knack for simplifying complex topics.
  • A patient and passionate teacher, comfortable operating flexible schedules and open to travel 2-4 weeks per year.

Compensation and Application Considerations

The salary range for this position is between $85,000 and $110,000, with a focus on substantial equity grants. Individual factors are considered in finalizing compensation, and applicants outside the range are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate will have strong healthcare expertise and a keen interest in AI and innovation.

If you're excited by this unique opportunity to shape the future of healthcare technology and believe you can grow into this role, Ambience Healthcare encourages you to apply.

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Ambience Healthcare

Cleveland, Ohio



April 3, 2024


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