Sr. Content Marketing Manager

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Join Metaplane as a Senior Content Marketing Manager and drive data observability education for data teams. MIT and HubSpot alums, YC-backed.

About Metaplane

Metaplane is an innovative data observability platform that supports companies including Imperfect Foods, Reforge, Drift, Vendr, and Appcues. Our platform provides monitoring for data pipelines, ensuring data integrity and timeliness. Founded by MIT and HubSpot alumni and headquartered in Boston, we also offer remote opportunities and are supported by Y Combinator, Flybridge, and influential angel investors.

Role Overview

Metaplane is seeking a Senior Content Marketing Manager to build our brand by educating data engineers on the benefits of data observability. The role focuses on content marketing and SEO to generate top-funnel results. You'll work with our marketing head and founders and have ample collaboration opportunities with the entire team.

Your Responsibilities

Your work at Metaplane includes interviewing target audience members, creating meaningful long-form content, managing content strategies, ghostwriting, and distributing campaigns across various channels. You will also audit marketing programs, analyze performance data, collaborate with freelancers, and report your progress to leadership.

Candidate Profile

We're looking for candidates with 3-5 years of B2B SaaS content marketing experience, a history of generating impactful results, excellent program management, and strong interpersonal skills. A relevant degree and certifications are advantageous, along with a comprehensive content portfolio and SEO proficiency.

Working at Metaplane

Benefits include a competitive salary, equity, comprehensive insurance, a 401(k) plan with employer match, and a work-from-home stipend. We prioritize team collaboration and individual work ownership.

Metaplane's Commitment to Diversity

We believe in diversity and inclusion and encourage a wide range of applicants to join our mission-driven company. Passion for our mission is more critical than meeting every criterion.

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April 4, 2024


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