Communications Coordinator

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Join SAIT as a Communications Coordinator for Alumni and Development. Apply now for a chance to nurture enduring alumni connections and support education.

About the Communications Coordinator Opportunity at SAIT

SAIT values long-term relationships with its alumni, and the Alumni and Development department plays a crucial role in nurturing these connections. SAIT receives immense support from its alumni, industry, and community, and now there is an opportunity to be a part of this team as a Communications Coordinator.

The Communications Coordinator will report to the Manager of Communications, supporting various teams within the department, including Communications, Alumni Engagement, and Donor Relations. The role demands a creative individual with expertise in graphic design across both print and digital media. This job is ideal for a passionate storyteller who knows how to captivate audiences, understands the significance of strategic objectives, and thrives on teamwork and independent initiative.

The successful applicant will have the flexibility to work primarily remotely, with required in-office attendance on Wednesdays and additional times as needed for collaborations, planning meetings, and special events.

Responsibilities of the Role

The Communications Coordinator is expected to:

  • Provide graphic design services for various materials such as proposals, reports, brochures, event collateral, web elements, and social media graphics.
  • Support the creation and distribution of content through written stories, videos, and photographs for newsletters, web pages, social media, and events.
  • Collaborate effectively within the department and across campus.
  • Maintain SAIT's health and safety standards.

Apart from creative duties, this role requires strong organizational and communication skills to manage projects, engage with stakeholders, and work under tight deadlines.

Qualifications & Experience

Candidates should have a degree or certificate in Graphic Design, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, or a related field, coupled with a minimum of three years of relevant experience. Skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, content writing, strategic thinking, and project management are essential. Additional assets include proficiency with Microsoft Office, email marketing platforms, and basic video editing skills. A continuous improvement mindset, collaboration skills, and the ability to adapt and learn are key to success.

Job Details and SAIT Overview

This full-time role offers an annual salary range of $56,368 to $71,593.60, with the position slated to end on October 31, 2024. Applications will be accepted until April 17, 2024. SAIT, a global leader in applied education and one of Alberta's Top Employers, is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and equity in pursuing its vision of being a world-class education leader.

Candidates are cautioned to be wary of false postings and recruiting offers, and are encouraged to apply directly through SAIT's official career site. It is important to note that SAIT upholds a high standard of data privacy and will not ask for inappropriate personal information during the application process.

SAIT is located in Calgary, AB and continues its mission of preparing future industry leaders through a century-long tradition of innovation and excellence in education.

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Calgary, AB

Web design


April 8, 2024


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