Senior Frontend Engineer

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Join Perspective as a Senior Frontend Engineer to build mobile funnels on a cutting-edge stack in a remote, growth-focused environment with a passionate team.

About Perspective

Perspective is a thriving company creating a leading Mobile Funnel platform for modern marketers. Mobile Funnels refer to interactive, mobile-first landing pages. The company is profitable, bootstrapped with a $10M ARR, and has a dedicated team of 40 members. With over 5,000 paying customers including notable names like Marriott and Zalando, Perspective offers an exciting job opportunity detailed below.

About The Role

The Senior Frontend Engineer position at Perspective invites professionals to take full ownership of frontend aspects with a focus on React component development, including complex systems like Drag & Drop, WYSIWYG Text editing, and virtual rendering for large data collections. Key responsibilities include maintaining high standards of performance, collaborating with various teams, and contributing to the ultimate user experience for marketers worldwide.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Developing new user-facing features and scalable UI components.
  • Enhancing different parts of the software including Funnel-Editing, publishing, and analytics.
  • Owning and improving frontend related topics while maintaining quality standards.
  • Application performance optimization through profiling and monitoring.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams and engaging in knowledge sharing.

Who You Are

Ideal candidates have over 5 years of experience as a Frontend Engineer in a SaaS environment with skills in JavaScript/TypeScript, React components, state management, and testing frameworks like Jest and Cypress. Additional experience with Next.js, Node.js, Svelte, and TailwindCSS are considered a bonus. Fluent English communication and a passion for marketing and UI design are essential. German language skills are a plus. Perspective encourages applicants with diverse backgrounds who may not match all the listed criteria to apply.

What You Can Expect at Perspective

  • Remote work flexibility and freedom to create ideal work environments.
  • Responsibility, ownership, and impactful roles.
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth, supported by structured onboarding, feedback, and training.
  • Provision of top-quality equipment and a monthly remote working budget.
  • Team-building events to foster strong connections in a remote setting.
  • A warm, respectful, and passionate team culture with regular virtual hangouts.

The job opening reflects Perspective's dedication to providing a nurturing and challenging work environment for its employees. The company values creativity, team effort, and a results-driven mindset, underpinned by collaboration and continuous learning.

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Software development


April 11, 2024


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