ONSAAS.ME: Link Building Specialist (Outreach Manager)

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Join ONSAAS as a Link Building Specialist in Barcelona, Spain. Expand your SEO expertise while building relationships with media and SaaS blog editors.

ONSAAS: Link Building Specialist (Outreach Manager) Position

ONSAAS is seeking a passionate Link Building Specialist with SEO experience to join their team. The candidate will help accelerate the growth of leading SaaS websites by securing high-quality backlinks. This role involves fostering relationships with international media outlets and SaaS blog editors through link exchanges and guest posts. Engaging with both existing and new link building partners is a daily activity, aiming to expand the company's outreach.

The role is integral to ONSAAS, a small company with expansive growth plans. As the first full-time marketing hire, the Link Building Specialist will have direct interaction with the founder, allowing for a hands-on approach in the company's development. The position promises a combination of autonomy, room for experimentation, and expert guidance to ensure professional growth aligned with the company's success.

Applicants must commit to a full-time position as ONSAAS is not considering freelancers and agencies for this role. The ideal candidate should have some level of expertise in SEO, possess superior English communication skills, be creative, proactive, and consistent. They should value diligent follow-ups, pursue new opportunities relentlessly, and be comfortable with accountability and client reporting.

Key Responsibilities

  • Forge and maintain link exchanges with media and editorial partners.
  • Initiate and manage link building campaigns through various communication channels.
  • Conduct email marketing campaigns dedicated to link building.
  • Identify and secure new guest posting prospects.
  • Assess optimal link placements for clients' needs.
  • Support content writers by crafting briefs and evaluating submissions.

Job Requirements

  • Familiarity with SEO practices and email outreach procedures.
  • Advanced proficiency in English with exceptional writing and communication abilities.
  • Ingenuity in both data analysis and creative pitching.
  • Proactivity in communication, persistency in follow-ups, and a resolute attitude.
  • Detail-oriented and committed to delivering regular updates and reports to clients.


  • The flexibility of remote work.
  • Unlimited vacation policy.
  • Autonomy and control over projects without micromanagement.

Application Process

Interested candidates can apply using the form on the designated website, followed by an interview with the founder, a relevant task demonstration, and a final interview that may lead to an offer.

To learn more about the role or submit an application, aspiring applicants can visit the ONSAAS job posting on the We Work Remotely website.

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April 12, 2024


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