Talent Acquisition Lead Dir. of Recruiting

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Join Parker & Ace Veterinary Clinic as a Talent Acquisition Lead and shape the future of veterinary care with top-tier benefits and flexible work.

About Parker & Ace Veterinary Clinic

At Parker & Ace Veterinary Clinic, we combine the warm, personal touch of your local vet with the latest technology and innovative service. Our clinic operates on a membership model, ensuring that each pet and owner receives tailored primary care through various formats such as in-person visits, virtual consultations, or a combination of both.

Join Our Team

We are currently on the lookout for a self-driven Talent Acquisition Lead to assist in our expansion efforts. This crucial role is responsible for the recruitment and engagement of Veterinary professionals and support staff, including Vet Technicians, Vet Assistants, Practice Coordinators, and occasionally, corporate staff.

Your Role and Benefits

As the Talent Acquisition Lead, you will have the opportunity to work remotely with a flexible schedule, gain equity ownership in a fast-growing company, and enjoy a competitive salary package with impressive additional benefits. These benefits include comprehensive health benefits, paid off-time for personal development after five years, access to various health and wellness platforms, substantial holiday allotments, paid parental leave, and discounted veterinarian care for your pets.

The Ideal Candidate

We are searching for someone who is proactive, self-motivated, creative, persuasive, and capable of excellent communication. Important attributes you should possess include detail-oriented organizational skills, comfort working in an evolving structure, the ability to take on various roles in a startup environment, and lastly, a deep passion for animal care. A minimum of 3 years of experience in healthcare or veterinary recruiting is essential.

Your Responsibilities

In this role, you will lead the charge in sourcing talent for veterinary and corporate positions, focusing heavily on recruiting veterinarians. Your responsibilities will entail fostering relations with veterinary schools to establish a long-term recruitment pipeline, managing candidate communication throughout the hiring process, developing scalable systems for talent tracking, and redefining the candidate journey from beginning to end. You may also occasionally contribute to other business areas, such as Human Resources, and you'll collaborate with senior management to develop effective talent acquisition strategies.

Take The Next Step

This full-time position offers significant scheduling flexibility for those looking to make a real difference in a dynamic startup environment. If you're eager to contribute to the growth of Parker & Ace and help reshape the future of veterinary care, we welcome you to apply for this fulfilling role.

Company Information

Parker & Ace is located in Washington, District of Columbia, United States, and aims to be at the forefront of veterinary healthcare with its innovative approach and dedication to both pet and client satisfaction.

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Parker & Ace Veterinary Clinic

Washington, District of Columbia, United States



April 14, 2024


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