LeadSimple, Inc.: Sales Manager

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Join LeadSimple's dynamic sales team and help shape the future of property management industry. Drive growth and streamline operations in an exciting role!

Company Overview

LeadSimple, a company based in Washington State, U.S.A., offers a leading CRM solution for the property management industry. Since its bootstrapping in 2013, LeadSimple has shifted from connecting landlords to property management companies to becoming the standard in industry-specific CRMs. Their recent expansion into process/workflow management in 2020 sparked rapid market growth and product development.

Job Opportunity: Sales Manager

The Sales Manager at LeadSimple is tasked with achieving sustainable revenue growth through both inbound and outbound sales efforts. This role requires dedication to understanding the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), industry context, and value proposition, as well as improving sales team productivity and implementing effective sales models.

90-Day Expectations

The first 90 days of the Sales Manager role are structured with clear outcomes to be achieved at 30, 60, and 90-day benchmarks. Starting with product training and sales call participation, the Sales Manager will progressively take on leadership responsibilities, improve customer experiences, implement coaching, and drive sales metrics to meet and exceed goals.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

A typical day for the Sales Manager includes defining sales strategies, generating and qualifying leads, maintaining customer relationships, meeting sales quotas, managing sales processes, ensuring accurate pipeline and data analytics, closing sales proactively, representing the company publicly, and collaborating closely with the marketing team. The role also encompasses internal collaboration through regular meetings and issue resolutions.

Perks and Benefits

LeadSimple offers competitive benefits such as company holidays, a generous vacation and sick leave policy, healthcare and work from home allowances, and a mission-driven, values-based company culture with a location-independent work environment.

Application Requirements

Successful candidates will have a strong background in SaaS environments, possess B2B SaaS experience (preferred), demonstrate rapid learning abilities, communicate effectively, seek proactive solutions, own outcomes, exhibit emotional maturity, maintain a positive attitude, and provide their own reliable internet and smartphone connections. A minimum of three years' experience in a SaaS company is required.

Company Culture and Mission

LeadSimple seeks individuals who are aligned with its team-oriented, outcome-driven culture, willing to embrace challenges, and dedicated to customer advocacy. The company prides itself on a passionate work ethic and a “can do” philosophy that is integral to their success.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in making a significant impact at LeadSimple are encouraged to apply via the provided link to an online job platform.

In Summary...

LeadSimple emphasizes the importance of ownership and the ability to respond effectively under pressure. They value judgment, intuition, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The concluding message invites like-minded professionals to join their team and contribute to a collaborative, high-achieving environment.

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Washington State, U.S.A.



April 15, 2024


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