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Explore the role of a Healthcare Recruiter responsible for physician panel maintenance, negotiations, and onboarding in line with client needs.

Overview of the Healthcare Recruiter/Physician Recruiter/Network Specialist Role

A Healthcare Recruiter/Physician Recruiter/Network Specialist focuses on the upkeep and expansion of a physician panel, ensures cost-effective negotiations within set guidelines, and manages the onboarding process of new physicians to meet client requirements. The role is critical in maintaining a robust and compliant healthcare network.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Panel Maintenance: This involves understanding client fee schedules and turnaround time (TAT) demands to facilitate the negotiation of physician agreements. It also includes updating physician profiles, adjusting fees, handling doctor groups, and managing W9 remit to changes. Additionally, the recruiter is in charge of physician payment recoups.

Recruitment and Onboarding: The recruiter is tasked with recruiting new physicians, negotiating contract terms, gathering necessary documentation (agreements, applications, CVs, W9s, and NPDB), and providing operational support such as dictation instructions.

Sourcing and Fulfillment: Recruiters also address immediate needs for physician expertise by sourcing and updating open service requests. They work closely with operational teams to ensure the physician network aligns with business needs.

Support and Collaboration: Assisting physicians with inquiries and collaborating with various teams is a vital aspect of the role, as is adapting to evolving business requirements.

Education and Experience Requirements

An Associate’s Degree is preferred though not a strict prerequisite. Experience in physician recruitment within a Healthcare/Insurance setting or a comparable skill set is important for success in this role.

Required Skills and Competencies

Recruiters should possess a working knowledge of physician networks, medical specialties, and terminology. Skilled negotiation and communication, along with an understanding of compliance guidelines, are crucial. They must also have strong organizational abilities, effective time management, and computer literacy.

Work from Home Technical Requirements

Candidates are expected to provide and maintain their own internet services, with a consistent internet connection being a must for work-from-home positions.

Employment Security Measures

Dane Street prioritizes security during the hiring process, never engaging in interviews via text or requesting purchases from candidates for equipment.

About Dane Street

Dane Street is a rapidly growing Inc. 500 Company with a high-performance culture. It processes over 200,000 insurance claims annually and offers tailored Independent Medical Exam and Peer Review programs to its clients. The goal is to ensure appropriate medical determinations in the claims management process.

Benefits and Opportunities

The company provides a generous Paid Time Off policy, an impressive benefits package, and competitive salaries. Dane Street is dedicated to offering a dynamic and fulfilling work environment that values meaningful contributions from its team members.

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