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Join Omni's mission to unify rollup deployment and liquidity! Seeking early team members to drive the future of Ethereum - led by an industry-acclaimed team.

About Omni Network

Omni Network is forging a path towards more integrated blockchain application deployment with its new platform, Omni. This platform aims to enable developers to deploy applications seamlessly across all rollups, eliminating the issue of fragmented liquidity. The company has processed over $70M and successfully fundraised $18M from prominent investors such as Pantera, Two Sigma Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures, with additional support from angel investors like the founders of Aave and Polygon. With over 300,000 users joining their testnet in a short period, Omni is on a rapid growth trajectory.

The Role: Community Manager

The Community Manager at Omni will play a vital role in managing and growing the platform's community presence. The scope of the role includes developing strategies for community engagement, leading a team of moderators, identifying market opportunities from community interactions, setting up communication channels, and planning community events. The ideal candidate will carry at least two years of experience as a community manager in the crypto space, have strong communication skills, and possess an innate understanding of crypto technologies and culture.

Candidate Profile

Prospective candidates should have demonstrated experience leading community-focused initiatives and teams within the crypto industry. A deep connection with the crypto community, along with a strong skillset in communication and marketing, is essential. Additional advantages would include multilingual abilities, active participation in crypto communities, and a personal audience on social platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

Benefits and Company Culture

Omni Network offers its team members competitive salaries, significant equity allocations, and other benefits such as unlimited PTO and team outings. The company culture emphasizes individual autonomy, a long-term orientation towards goals, and a commitment to providing open access. Omni is on a mission to empower a self-sovereign society through software engineering, and they base decisions on these core company values. As an equal opportunity employer, they encourage applicants from all walks of life, regardless of background or demographic.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Omni Network is a worldwide employer that stands firm on the principles of equal opportunity, ensuring that all employment decisions are made without regard to race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender, or any other protected status. They are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects their core belief that the future belongs to everyone, regardless of origin.

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Omni Network

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Social Media Management


January 31, 2024


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