Senior React/Ruby Software Engineer

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Join Persado's dynamic Engineering team as a Senior Full-stack Engineer, and shape the future of AI-driven personalized communication for top global brands.

Overview of Persado

Persado offers the sole Motivation AI platform that specializes in crafting personalized communications at an impressive scale. This platform is instrumental in inspiring individuals to engage with brands and take action. Leading companies such as Ally Bank, Coach, Dropbox, and others leverage Persado to connect with customers throughout their journey, enhancing everything from initial acquisition to cart conversion. Backed by more than 100 billion impressions in digital business language, Persado's Generative AI empowers marketers to motivate customers effectively, yielding significantly increased business value. The company has earned acclaim from CB Insights and has appeared on Fast Company's and Built In's esteemed lists for innovation and workplace excellence.

Career Opportunity at Persado

Persado is on the lookout for a Senior Full-stack Engineer to become part of their dynamic Engineering team. They value a collaborative environment that includes working with Product, Data Science, and Design teams, tackling technical challenges, ensuring application health with QA/SRE teams, mentoring juniors, and enjoying access to abundant resources for continuous learning. A clear career path is emphasized at Persado, illustrated by their published Engineering Job Ladder.

Qualifications for the Role

Persado seeks a Full Stack Engineer with a minimum of three years' experience. The candidate should be proficient in front-end technologies like JavaScript or TypeScript, React, and possess a solid understanding of the browser and the web. Expertise in backend solutions such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, .NET, or Java/Spring, as well as familiarity with SQL databases, is essential. Experience in message buses and non-SQL databases is a plus. More than technical skills, the role demands a willingness to mentor juniors and contribute to back-end systems architecture.

What Persado Offers

Persado promises to support both personal and professional ambitions through their hybrid work model. They provide competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and match contributions for future planning like 401ks or pension schemes. The company is devoted to employee growth, work-life balance, and diversity. They also support volunteering and charitable contributions, emphasizing a commitment to create a respectful and inclusive workplace devoid of discrimination.

All interested applicants for the enriching role at Persado are encouraged to submit their resume in English, as the company aims to foster diversity and provide equal opportunities in all facets of employment.

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Software development


February 5, 2024


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